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Found 1 result

  1. The Void

    The Void The Philosopher and wise sage “Cato” once said: “Ours is not a single realm but rather, a tapestry of existences running parallel to one another. What we perceive is but a fraction of what is truly there; a single layer. But at the core of all there is, one would find only emptiness. This emptiness is best not to dwell upon for it, too, dwells upon us.” Possibly the smallest, yet largest dimension of existence: The Void is, was and will always be. It is the very concept of nothingness and it exists where nothing does. “I have no stomach, but my hunger is endless. I have no mouth, but my maw devours all. I have no mind, but I think endlessly upon what to consume. I have no law, but all must obey my rules. Who or what am I?” ~Book of Riddles (Answer being, of course, The Void) Few have ever entered The Void and survived. If their legends are to be believed, the only two known are Lanre Ravenholm and Feloreth Dusk, both of whom not only survived The Void but supposedly conquered it, each in their own way. Many hypothesize these are flights of fancy, however: candy coated half-truths or whole falsities. Is it really true? That is for you to decide for yourself. The truths of The Void are simple yet unfathomable to the mortal mind. It is an amalgamation of nothingness, yet also an amalgamation of all things. It is the embodiment of the beginning and the end. But to describe it on mortally understandable terms, imagine a hole in space-time on the brink of every reality that feeds off of dying worlds. To be in The Void is not possible, but you can be around it. Once inside, you no longer exist: but, while outside of it: it is a scattered mess of dying worlds. Fragments of separate planes of existence all float about endlessly, crumbling slowly as they fall into the gaping maw of the Void, which appears as a massive black hole at the center of a seemingly infinite space. All living things unable to resist The Void’s madness are corrupted by this primal pull, simply killing mortal beings while corrupting beasts with a seemingly unexplainable mutation. These aberrations are referred to as Voidspawn and are conjurable by advanced Planarmancers. Void calling is, however, forbidden without a license due to the destructive force of some Voidspawn and recklessly pulling from the Void’s power can cause a great deal of self-destruction. One can become infected with madness or overwhelming affliction that, if left to its devices, will kill mortal beings mercilessly and definitively with extreme prejudice. There is a common misconception between this affliction and what has come to be known as “Void Plague”, however. This is referred to as “Void Madness”. A warning. Those who dabble in the black arts of Planarmancy, never draw from the Void unwarded and always ensure you are in control of every aspect of your ritual. Voidspawn hunger for the sanity of men and will ensure a ruthless, slow death to one who calls them up and cannot contain their voracious nature. They should not be, but they are. Unfortunately… there are some things in this existence that mortals were never supposed to meet.