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  1. The Arenas

    The Arena Arena fighting has retained its title as most beloved combat sport since its first days during the Blood age. Started by a Dwarf by the name of Valis Dreydnar at the year 800, it was originally a simple 20x20 foot patch of sand bordered by wooden logs. After a petition for the sport to be recognized as a warrior’s proving grounds, it was allowed by decree of the current reigning King of Icemyst: Quantinos II. The rules were simple: No death blows, no underhanded tricks, just pure combat until a victor was declared. Victory was declared by one party’s surrender, loss of consciousness, judge’s jurisdiction or by one falling “out of bounds”, which was considered outside of the area marked by logs. Only male human or dwarven warriors were allowed to compete; magic was a no-go and all stealth tactics employed were considered underhanded and banned. As the combat sport evolved, finding itself in multiple other provinces within a decade or so, the first true “Arena” similar to that of which is used in today’s Arena fighting was built in the Fjordlands. The fighting pit was roughly 75 feet diameter and had four columns of wood rising around the four corners of its radial circle. Spectator stands were above the arena and layered to give everyone a good view. Out of bounds rules were promptly changed to touching the wall of the arena. This arena style made its way into Engivik and Obsidia before a rule reform came about, allowing all races and sexes to compete. Quickly, the sport picked up in the Glades and the Wastes. Before long, even Calahr had an arena. The sport remained stagnant until around the peace age, where conflict was at an all time low so those who missed the boiling blood of those age old days attended or joined arenas. The sudden rise in the sport caused another rule reform. Magic and stealth was no longer forbidden in official arena battles. For an arena to be legally considered a place for Arena Fighting, it had to meet certain standards: The arena floor must be sand, sandstone or polished stone- preferably a mix of all of the above. Acceptable arena hazards are short iron spikes in clusters near the center of the stage, short iron spikes on the edge of the walls, and at least four large columns of wood or stone. Spikes must be three inches exactly to avoid lethality. Stands must be large enough to accommodate a crowd of at least 300 spectators. Trained judge and announcer must be on site during combat. Trained fight master must be at the entrance at all times. Dorms and/or locker rooms for fighters are required to house and feed at least 50 combatants. At least six trained healers must be on the premises at all active times. Arenas in Endaria are sparse, but there is a city dedicated to Arena sports being built by Arena Enthusiast “Keith Ricards” and a few of his old fans who followed him when he was under the name “Hulking Irons” as the old champion of Brimm’s arena. There is a licensed arena in Sarnath but it’s lackluster in both design and utilities and only has twenty licensed fighters to its name. The magic arena in Volore is not a licensed Arena fighting colosseum, but rather a magic testing zone for battlemages and the area where the Festival of the Mage tournament is held. Though there is an arena in Drakeflame Castle, it is not a licensed Arena fighting colosseum but a cultural and political battleground for the Draconian people. A licensed arena is a likely direction for the Dawn Tribe of Akültaten due to their interest in the sport from recent interactions with the people of Sarnath. To join an arena as a licensed fighter, one would need to set up an appointment with the manager of a licensed arena. Once a contract is set, you will be expected to remain at the Arena in one of the dorms or to be within the same city as the Arena. Though you can take leave for up to a month at a time between fights in the case of personal emergencies, law discrepancies or military enlistment, failing to remain a part of the Arena cast past three or more missed or forfeited matches will remove you from your contract at a 300 SP charge. At the discretion of the Arena Manager, exceptions can be made to this rule given ruling circumstances.
  2. Godmodding

    We Cheatin' Boyos Minecraft IGN: xXShadowBlade69Xx Character name: Mary Sue Age: 2,000 years old Race: Immortal dragonkin vampire lord Backstory: Their whole family was killed by bandits and they killed all the bandits and spent the rest of their life up to now studying the blade. Now they're going to kill everyone for vengeance with their two katanas and edge. Positive Personality traits: *entire good character traits page copy pasted* Negative Personality traits: *crickets* Character themesong: *linkin park "crawling" nightcore remixed with an over the top anime character with long black hair covering one eye* Accept my app pls ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ All satire aside, Godmodding is one of the most annoying things to deal with as a GM. It comes in many forms: in a character's general layout and story, actions taken in-character and sometimes even just the person behind the character can be a major problem[this only applies to intentional Godmodders, don't take that statement personally if you do so accidentally or without intention]. But what is Godmodding, exactly? Godmodding is basically playing under the assumption, mantle or idea that you are in some way better than literally everyone else in some way or another be this intentional or not. Building Mary Sue characters(basically infallible supercharacters with trope backstories to give them an excuse to be ridiculously strong or have some advantage over other players from the beginning, or just poorly written characters that come off as lazily written, not creative or indeed, infallible.) is generally a red flag though its not necessarily instant Godmodding. If a character is just a Mary Sue without doing any harm to anyone else's experience, it's whatever. It may not be an enjoyable character but you aren't going to get told off for it by the admins. Its when you start making a literal walking anime trope character with God-level abilities and the force of one thousand Deus Ex Machina's that it becomes a massive problem. To avoid this, keep characters realistic. You don't have to make them basic but realize that the only people who think its cool that you have a God-sword forged by the Avatar of War passed down to you for your unparalleled skill in combat when you were 7 years old after killing twenty demons that destroyed your home village is you. Characters can be the most over the top extreme badass thing ever but be a boring Mary Sue that everyone hates. Keep that in mind. I tried to avoid this by setting up the character application sheet loosely based on a very well done advanced character sheet schematic from the roleplay server "Saphriel". Now you can't say I didn't give credit. The application sheet is designed to challenge you to make a somewhat fleshed out character that you can put yourself in the shoes of by giving them real interests and piecing together every aspect of their person that may be important to roleplay. Outside of character creation, Godmodding can also be the overexertion of your character in a way that goes far beyond the limits of what they can do or how they can react at any given time. Things like having them catch a bullet out of the air. There are SOME characters capable of such a feat and more, but chances are you won't see them in every day roleplay. Dodging attacks you clearly are in no position to dodge, changing direction mid air without the use of magic, having endless stamina without being undead, surviving endlessly against attacks that should clearly have sent you unconscious if not killed you by now, ect. These are all things considered Godmodding. Sometimes, as mentioned before, the player is the problem. I won't name names, but there was a player, for instance, on the previous server that Endaria was based off of, "Drakeheart Roleplay", or "DH" for short. They joined Drakeheart Roleplay I wanna say maybe 3 years or so into its uptime and played for most of the time until it went down. Their character will always be remembered for the ridiculous amount of Powergaming, Metagaming and Godmodding they did regardless of how many times they were talked down by the Admins. One of the Administrators assigned one of the Moderators the task of sitting down one on one with the guy and teaching them how to RP properly. According to said moderator it was one of the most grueling tasks of his life. This character would metagame constantly: when trying to join a guild that required him to define the word 'Justice' in their own words, they botched it and then copy and pasted the google definition of justice later as a second attempt to join the guild. They would powergame shamelessly during events and ignore warnings and refuse to redact their action until it was forcevoided by the GMs. They would have to be forced unconscious by the GMs in events in the case of them being defeated as the person would refuse under any circumstance to let their character be even scratched by anything. The man challenged a God Tier + Raid boss level opponent on his first day on the server and player-killed them with a Minecraft iron sword while they were typing for crying out loud. What I'm saying is, don't be this guy. If you're having a hard time learning Roleplay, take the time to talk with some of the staff and we can get you set up. And no, to this day, we do not know if he was serious or the most elaborate troll on the face of Planet Earth. I don't think any practical examples for Godmodding are necessary. It's the simplest of the three to avoid. Just accept the following: Your character is never infallible and that is not a bad thing in the slightest. A good character is one that is realistic and realistic characters make mistakes, have weaknesses, have character flaws and have unique personalities. Godmodding is NOT a bannable offense unless done so intentionally in order to provoke staff action, but please, do not take that as leniency. We are serious about RP and want our community to have fun but also be able to enjoy the environment we have set up in full. Thankyou.
  3. Powergaming

    POWERGAMING SON OF A- Powergaming... Not as annoying or destructive as Metagaming, not by a longshot, but still a massive red flag for Roleplay. Powergaming, in a nutshell, is directly and forcefully altering a series of events through the actions of your character; done in character that shows a carelessness for the proper order of things. Though I feel that simply explaining what Powergaming is paints such a vague and broad picture that only examples can actually get across what I mean. That or the Gif that I posted at the top here. Though that is just a wonky hitbox in Dark souls II, the idea is the same. The player clearly dodged, but the Pursuer treats his action as if he scored a direct hit and acts accordingly. Here's more with more.... practical examples: Example A- Combat I wanna say at least 90% of powergaming offenses come from outside of combat and are done in the overworld. Admittedly, most acts of Powergaming are simple slip-ups that the player apologetically corrects upon being called out for them; furthermore, people who are new to RP generally powergame out of a misunderstanding or lack of experience. Combat powergaming is rare because people generally have a better head attached to their shoulders than to think certain things are ok, but you'd be surprised. So, the scenario is this: An arena battle between two warriors is in progress: Rordan Ravenoak, a human warrior with a short sword and bow is giving his all against his opponent Roland Whitegown, a human cleric with a sanctified mace and a slew of light magic. Roland approaches Rordan and throws and overhead swing. Rordan reacts. How does Rordan react to not only avoid Roland's attack but also avoid being accused of Powergaming? A) Rordan sidesteps the strike and counters, putting his sword to Roland's throat to force a surrender B) Rordan attempts to sidestep and retaliate with a maneuver to put his sword near Roland's throat C) Rordan kicks Rolands head off This should be simple enough to follow. In Roleplay there is no main character. In this case, choice A takes Roland's ability to react away from his player. This would be a massive red flag as you are forcing Roland's player into an unfair ultimatum of surrendering or losing his character in a scenario where that would not make sense. To be fair, this is a bit of Powergaming and Godmoding mishmashed into one example, but we'll get to Godmoding in the Godmoding thread. The powergaming bit is that Rordan has now made Roland's choice for him and is trying to force Roland's player into a specific situation that, honestly, wouldn't actually work. Roland is still full-swing, yes, but by the time Rordan sidesteps, he's not going to have enough time to do what he said before Roland recovers and is back on his case. Even so, your actions are not to seemingly "take over" an event. You make attempts at things, you don't just do them under the assumption that you succeed without a hitch in everything. NOTE: Some Bosses are given amnesty in minor Powergaming because they are controlled by an experienced GM that knows what they're doing. Bosses are meant to challenge the players and considering how many players will likely be coming at them at once, the GM in control will need a bit of "help" actually doing what he's supposed to do. If a GM controlling a boss does something red-flaggish, other admins/mods will likely call them out. Choice B: Rordan's player in this case would be doing the correct thing. He attempts to sidestep, going under the assumption that Roland's vertical attack will miss if horizontal movement is taken. Rordan's player then has his character maneuver his sword upwards towards Roland's throat. This may literally seem like the exact same action as Choice A, and it is to an extent, but the main difference is in the wording. Rordan didn't just straight up dodge Roland's attack and win the duel instantly through forced surrender. He sure attempted it though. It's clear Rordan's aim is to try and force Roland's defeat through surrender with a sword to his neck, but he doesn't word it in a way that makes everyone assume he already did it and won. Roland still has a chance to react and back off to continue fighting. Choice C: If you chose this unironically I am no longer pro-life and believe that abortion may be justified in some cases after all-and what I MEAN by that is, better luck next time sport, brush up on Roleplay 101 again and try to get a better grasp at this before making your character application. We all make mistakes. EspeciallyyourparentsMOVING ON Example B- Overworld Like I said before, at least 90% of Powergame is in the Overworld and that is because sometimes it's difficult to understand certain things about your setting and therefore you tend to forget small details and make actions that seem impossible until pointed out by the GM. Good news though! We don't have to worry as much about this! We're not on Tabletop, we're running this out of Minecraft. Where the story and lore have literally nothing to do with Minecraft, Minecraft IMO is the perfect RP engine because it allows you to actually immerse yourself in a setting by having it built beforehand. Of course, this means more work for people who host it(FeelsBadMan) but if I wasn't passionate about wanting to do it, I wouldn't be doing it in the first place. Anyhow, rabbit trailed there a bit, my B, back to the subject at hand. Where now, a good chunk of Overworld Powergaming can be eliminated due to solid and vibrant setting always being in plain sight, we will cover the other chunk of Overworld Powergaming. Here's an example. Enter Attila the thief, who is currently browsing the market of Sarnath with intent to take something that doesn't belong to him, the monster. Kids, stealing isn't cool. Neither are the drugs. Don't do either of those things. Life advice from ya boy. Anywho, Attila spots a lady with a fat coin purse at her hip. Judging from the fine linen gown, silky smooth skin and no shortage of sparkling jewelry, they're clearly nobility or close to it. He plans to snatch the coin purse as he passes by her. He doesn't have time to scan his surroundings because she's about to leave and he can't be seen following them. There are guards nearby and no shortage of eyes in all directions. He has to be quick and smooth about it or he has to give up chase. The desperate thief decides to go for it. How does Attila rob this lady without Powergaming? A) Attila attempts to grab the purse as he passes by B) Attila snatches up the coin purse carefully as he passes C) Attila uses console commands to solve his issues by turning off AI detection. He takes the purse and walks away before re-activating it. D) Attila grabs the coin purse as he passes and breaks into a full sprint Under the assumption of choice A, Attila's player makes a move on the purse and attempts to take it as he passes. This is an acceptable move because he's clearly showing regard for the GM's discretion even though the person he is stealing from is an NPC. This is a correct answer. Under the assumption of choice B and D, Attila simply takes the coin purse from the noblewoman. This, is an acceptable answer as well believe it or not. It isn't hard to grab an object. But know that the GM has the final word in these cases. Common sense > Meticulous attempts to avoid what might be perceived as Powergaming. You don't have to make an attempt to open an unlocked door or pick up your mug of ale at the inn for a swig, do you? A coin purse operates the same way. But depending on the fashion in which you take these actions, you can change your ultimate fate in the process. Choice B has a higher chance of going off without a hitch than choice D, but if there is a hitch you've lost your head start by moving slowly. Choice D on the other hand will VERY LIKELY attract attention and lead to a chase, but your instant bolt for an escape route will give you a lot of leeway in your attempt. If you chose C unironically, you did not choose C unironiocally. You are a liar and you are tearing your family apart. Now get out there and try not to Powergame, my dudes.
  4. The Void

    The Void The Philosopher and wise sage “Cato” once said: “Ours is not a single realm but rather, a tapestry of existences running parallel to one another. What we perceive is but a fraction of what is truly there; a single layer. But at the core of all there is, one would find only emptiness. This emptiness is best not to dwell upon for it, too, dwells upon us.” Possibly the smallest, yet largest dimension of existence: The Void is, was and will always be. It is the very concept of nothingness and it exists where nothing does. “I have no stomach, but my hunger is endless. I have no mouth, but my maw devours all. I have no mind, but I think endlessly upon what to consume. I have no law, but all must obey my rules. Who or what am I?” ~Book of Riddles (Answer being, of course, The Void) Few have ever entered The Void and survived. If their legends are to be believed, the only two known are Lanre Ravenholm and Feloreth Dusk, both of whom not only survived The Void but supposedly conquered it, each in their own way. Many hypothesize these are flights of fancy, however: candy coated half-truths or whole falsities. Is it really true? That is for you to decide for yourself. The truths of The Void are simple yet unfathomable to the mortal mind. It is an amalgamation of nothingness, yet also an amalgamation of all things. It is the embodiment of the beginning and the end. But to describe it on mortally understandable terms, imagine a hole in space-time on the brink of every reality that feeds off of dying worlds. To be in The Void is not possible, but you can be around it. Once inside, you no longer exist: but, while outside of it: it is a scattered mess of dying worlds. Fragments of separate planes of existence all float about endlessly, crumbling slowly as they fall into the gaping maw of the Void, which appears as a massive black hole at the center of a seemingly infinite space. All living things unable to resist The Void’s madness are corrupted by this primal pull, simply killing mortal beings while corrupting beasts with a seemingly unexplainable mutation. These aberrations are referred to as Voidspawn and are conjurable by advanced Planarmancers. Void calling is, however, forbidden without a license due to the destructive force of some Voidspawn and recklessly pulling from the Void’s power can cause a great deal of self-destruction. One can become infected with madness or overwhelming affliction that, if left to its devices, will kill mortal beings mercilessly and definitively with extreme prejudice. There is a common misconception between this affliction and what has come to be known as “Void Plague”, however. This is referred to as “Void Madness”. A warning. Those who dabble in the black arts of Planarmancy, never draw from the Void unwarded and always ensure you are in control of every aspect of your ritual. Voidspawn hunger for the sanity of men and will ensure a ruthless, slow death to one who calls them up and cannot contain their voracious nature. They should not be, but they are. Unfortunately… there are some things in this existence that mortals were never supposed to meet.
  5. Lesser Magic Foci- Talisman

    The Talisman- Often worn around the neck or on a belt- it has served many a purpose throughout time. One of the earliest forms of safe casting and the prototype for what would eventually become the staff: Talismans are charms which can be channeled through for minor magic casts. Crafted with similar precision and attention to detail as jewelry, Talismans are broad and quite diverse, very few talismans sharing the exact same make. However, all Talismans share three basic things in common: A core, a trap and a band. Cores: Cores can be made from any form of arkana source, be it a proper drakeheart shard, a black drakeheart shard, a heartstone, an arcane crystal, a corrupt crystal, a mana dust nexus or even a focal gem. These contain all the arkana the talisman will have and are the channeling point for all spellcasts involving the talisman. Traps: Basic - Masterful arkana traps are fastened opposite the core and will constantly suck up sources of latent arkana in the environment in order to replenish the Core’s reserves. By touching the Trap itself, one can blood-let their own arkana into the core if none is available or if the caster has no ability to cast without their Talisman due to a silencing curse or something similar. Touching living creatures with the Trap also works, but they may resist. Bands: Made from metals or stones that are proficient in containing arkana such as Pewter, Silver, Amethyst, Obsidian, Pumice, Copper, Brass, Dolerite, Basalt or Nickel: Bands appear as the catalyst for both the Core and the Trap and are carved through to run a strap, thread or chain around to a hook so that the Talisman can easily be worn or hung. This Band redirects arkana outwards and prevents any arkana from entering the core except through the Trap itself, keeping the Core pure and unaffected by things such as silencing curses or charms. Charms are generally carved at the Band in order to give it a specific element. Dual element Talismans exist but aren’t optimal: due to the small size of the enchantment, splitting the power into two elements can hinder the potency of the magic as the caster’s quintessence does not come into play while using Talismans: much like scroll-casts. However, the Talisman’s spell can be molded like a normal spellcast and the Talisman, unlike the Scroll is not consumed in the process of its spellcast. The Core can be depleted, but it will refill on its own or with the aid of the Talisman’s own arkana by using the Trap. A Talisman can be used to generate casts of any elemental archetype, but cannot access things such as Planarmancy, Necromancy, Hemomancy, Cacomancy, ect- that go outside the physical binds of the natural born elements foreign to the band’s earth-like structure. It can be used to channel Pyromancy, Aquiomancy, Cryomancy, Aeromancy, Basic Arcane, Umbramancy, Luxomancy and Geomancy. Talismans, even those of high rank using Drakeheart crystal Heartstones(The highest possible powered Talisman) are considered weak in comparison to other magic foci and are often not focused on. However, they are light, easily concealable and create no fatigue on use, allowing consistent casts with no lessened potency over time.
  6. The Light Plane

    The Plane of Light The Plane of Light, or "Overworld" in most iterations, is the universe in which the Avatars laid the foundation cornerstones of creation and exhaled life to create mortality. Drakeheart is just one singular planet in a vast expanse of beautiful creations: but it is the only known planet in which the Avatars gave life to mortal races. The Overworld is approximately 183 billion lightyears in diameter from one cosmic expanse to the next and if one were to travel to the edge of the observable universe: the end of the Overworld, one would come to a staggeringly terrifying conclusion. The border of the Overworld is bent inwards by a cosmic ravine. The Overworld is surrounded at all angles by an expansive black hole. Within the Overworld are approximately 180 Billion Galaxies, each containing billions of planets which systemically have their own celestial bodies or stars. Quite a number of these stars are visible in the night sky of Drakeheart and many constellations have been charted along with astronomer's research on the effects certain amounts of Starlight can have on the arcane. Starlight Traps are very common tools of Drakeheart's mages as Starlight can be harnessed for a multitude of purposes, especially some specific constellations. Space travel is something far beyond the capabilities of mortality, however it is fabled that the Brittler family had ways of traversing the stars and there are legends of other mages whom crossed the stars but none of these tales have ever been proven valid. Due to events transpiring just pre-calamity, however, the existence of Extraterrestrial creatures known as "Xarqs" were confirmed and are now kept on record along with unproven claims of an alien race known as the "Plaana". Should these people truly exist, it would be an odd clash to what the people of Drakeheart believe in religiously: as they are the only beings the Avatars gifted with life. It is likely that soon, the people moving forward in Endaria will likely look to the heavens and focus their research on knowledge of the stars to better prepare themselves for any further encounters with any other possible life forms out in the cold reaches of the unknown. However, there are more pressing matters than the what-ifs of Alien Life on Endaria right now. -------------------------------- Drakeheart's System Solaris Named during the Blood Age by the Dwarven people, the mono Star in Drakeheart's solar system is a Red Giant in one of its earliest stages. One-hundred million years down the line, it will become a White Dwarf, but this will more than likely never occur during our time with Drakeheart and the stories of its time. It is referred to as The Great Solaris, but many simply call it the Sun for short, as Solaris in Dwarven/Common can be shortened to "Sola", which is slang or condensed speech for "Extremely Bright": this can further be condensed in Elvish to "Sun", which carries almost the same meaning "Extreme Light". There are quite a few people that, in place of the Avatars, believe in a religion known as "The Mantra Solara", or "Solarism" in which they view the celestial bodies of the universe as Gods and each world has a Godly Guardian. They are marked as heathen, but due to their lack of following, Vorathians begrudgingly allow their practices so long as it does not impede on their assembly. Our Moon: "Silav" Drakeheart has a single moon that has been given the name "Silav" by the Elven People, which means "Grandfather". Silav has endured much, and due to past happenings, a large basin was formed due to impact with a dangerous object. One-hundred mages under the order of the late Lord Wolf gathered to correct it's orbit and prevent impact with Drakeheart from ever occurring. There is a potent staff that was created with a chunk of the destroyed moon: specifically one of the rocks that eventually fell to Drakeheart. It is known as Lunaris and is capable of casting powerful magic that changes with the moon's cycle. The staff has not been seen for many many years, however, and is within the possession of the Dragon Scale Aegis guild. Starkal The first planet in our system is "Starkal", which, in Elvish means "Consumed by Fire" or "Aflame". This gas giant is rather close to Solaris, and due to its gas base nature, the intense heat causes constant inferno. As it orbits, it leaves behind a short tail of flame. It is visible once a month and appears as if it is a red comet with a very short tail that can be seen visibly flickering if one were to look closely. It is possible to use a starlight trap under Starkal when it is visible in the sky, giving the user pure Adalhardian energy to work with. Starkal does not have a single moon; if it ever did, it perished a long time ago. Starkal is approximately 65,000 kilometers in diameter. Valt The second world in our system is a planet of perpetual summer and monsoons; Valt is a hot, muggy, swampy mess of a planet with gray-leaved rain-forests coating the southeastern hemisphere. There is likely life on this planet, but not any intelligent creatures: probably just foreign, unknown animals. It is inhospitable for mortal races, even though it is virbant with water and vegetation: the sweltering heat of the muggy conditions would overthrow even the hardiest of races and the perpetual monsoons of the planet would be enough to kill. Due to its proximity to Solaris, it is not in the same shape as Starkal, but it is still close enough that the monsoons rain boiling water down from on high. Whatever creatures are here are very hardy and built for the conditions, however, ironically, they would likely not be able to suffer the environmental conditions of Drakeheart as they are built for heat and would not last a single winter season. Valt has three moons: from smallest to largest, they are Vex, Gryphon and Heata. Valt is approximately 8,000 kilometers in diameter. Kavlor The third world in our system, Kavlor, or "Dry Stone" in Nordic, is an inhospitable, dried up chunk of igneous rock. There are marks all throughout it that show where water may have once flowed, but as of now it is dry and dead. Kavlor is covered in volcanoes which erupt every once in a while. This is a visible event when it occurs. Kavlor is approximately 12,000 kilometers in diameter and has a single moon, which is called Aridia. Drakeheart The fourth planet in our system is a terrestrial, ringed planet with a single moon. Drakeheart: where our story takes place. Drakeheart is a planet rich with water and a multitude of environments, being one of the most diverse planets in the universe: which is the likely reason why it was chosen to host life. Drakeheart has six seasons: Summer, a season of hot weather, Spring, a season of warm weather and vegetation growth, Autumn, a season of cool weather and change, Harvest, a season of blessings when most crops are taken up, Winter, a season of cold weather and Solstice, a season of festivities. Due to the proximity to Solaris, it takes Drakeheart around 730 days to orbit. Drakeheart is approximately 42,000 kilometers in diameter For more specific information on Drakeheart, it has its own thread in Universe lore. Boreal Boreal, the fifth planet in our system and also the last. The farthest from Solaris, Boreal is barely even in our system: the gap between Boreal and Drakeheart being almost 20 times longer than the gap between Drakeheart and and Kavlor. It is a gas giant under a perpetual winter storm. Much like Starkal, it is trappable by a starlight trap and presents pure cryo-arkana. Boreal has 16 moons, their names being Alpha, Dore, Wedda, Manticore, Vakal, Xen, Zera, Dokka, Petara, Nankalko, Frozu, Hent, Gin, Minotaurus, Leva and Jael. Boreal itself is 115,000 Kilometers in diameter, making it the biggest planet by far in the system and is visible most nights on Drakeheart, bearing almost the same size to the eye as Drakeheart's own moon, only a tad larger and thus has been given the nickname "Fool's Moon" on nights where our own moon is full. Our moon eclipses Boreal quite often, making an eclipsed Boreal an interestingly common appearance in the night sky.
  7. Metagaming

    Metagaming Metagaming, ahhh metagaming, one of the most frustrating things to deal with in roleplay. A foolish, ameteur mistake or a sneaky red-flag by a cheap player: regardless of circumstance, Metagame is a high offense to Roleplay. So what is it? Metagaming is taking action in a Roleplaying scenario based on information you gain outside of Roleplay. ...Pretty simple right? No? You want examples? UGHH fine. So let’s say a new player joins the server. They make their character application and while you’re browsing you say, “Eh, don’t have anything better to do. Why not check up on the newbie.” So you go through their app and figure out that they’re a villain with the intent of destroying Drakeheart. Oh no! But wait, your character is a Legendary Hero! As you begin to roleplay, you spot this character walking about town minding their own business. That sick bastard… Ha, can’t fool you! You know what he’s REEEALLY doing. So, what are you going to do about it? A) Confront a guard and tell them that there’s an evildoer. B) Greet them normally. C) Draw your sword and murder their head off. D) All of the above in A-C order. The correct answer is: B. But you knew that already, didn’t you? Well, if you didn’t and you’re confused, your parents don’t love you- and by that I mean, I will now explain it to you. You dumbo, your character didn’t read their app, you did. As far as your character knows, this guy is just your average Joe or Joette… Johanna… J.. Whatever the female variant of Joe is. Whatever knowledge you gain out of character cannot be used in-character, unless of course, your character learns of it later. There are libraries in most major towns: go check out books and devote some time to learning. Pro tip: We include lots of in-game obtainable knowledge that can be discovered through exploration or reading. I’ve dotted the map with easter eggs and tidbits of <3 L O R E <3. There are lots of things such as entire archetypes of magic, special enchantments, weapons, armor, lexicons, unique dungeons and even entire dormant questlines that can be achieved through exploration alone.
  8. Roleplay 101

    Roleplay 101 If you are reading this, it is likely that you came here in order to learn the basics of roleplay, or perhaps even what roleplay is in the first place. If you came to this Minecraft server looking for an average survival or PvP server mistakenly, I suggest you leave. Or, perhaps, if you’re willing to try something a bit different, finish reading and see what this whole shabang is about. Perhaps you’re reading this and already know a lot about roleplay and you simply want to see if we truly do before joining our server. Or perhaps you’re just brushing up, or even looking for a new perspective. No matter which way you slice it, welcome to Roleplay 101! So what is Roleplay? The dictionary definition is such: “To act out or perform the part of a person or character, for example as a technique in training or psychotherapy.” But, it is not as simple as the above. Roleplaying is a passionate act [no, not that kind of passion, get your damn head out of the gutter for two seconds would you?] wherein, you, the player have a pre-generated or self-created character that you have written and fleshed out to fit into a fantasy or make-believe world: that you intend to act as or ‘play’ as. To Roleplay, you are speaking through your character: giving them life, personality, soul and heart. When Roleplaying, you are in a world aside from your own in a body that is not your own with a mindset that is not your own. Think of it as acting as a character in a movie or series, only, there is no script: only a setting wherein your choices and dialogue can affect the flow of the story. A story with an open end and very little truly set in stone aside from the fundamentals. So, what are the fundamentals? Lore and Setting. Only two, you might ask? Yes. Only two. The lore is the history and functionality of the world your character has been placed in, ranging from how things work differently from the real world as well as the history and sciences of this world that can be manipulated by your character should they know how. The setting is the place or world itself. Is it futuristic with spaceships, aliens and laser rifles? Perhaps it is jurassic, where dinosaurs still walk the earth and each corner is rife with animalistic dangers. Perhaps it is medieval with stone castles and old stone-paved cities with guards in armor with halberds and spears. Your character will need to fit whatever setting you’re in and will need to be compatible with the lore behind said setting. Other than these two fundamentals, the freedoms of Roleplay are infinite. So, you know what roleplay is. But how do you do it? [Hamlet speaking to Yorick’s skull- Shakespeare's “Hamlet”] When roleplaying, you are acting as your character: so should you build a character that is perhaps, say, evil, but you yourself are morally strong, you may find it difficult to truly become evil while in-character, but this is roleplay. This is acting. Think about how actors feel when they play a villainous character, for instance. Once you have your character, you will use the chat system in Minecraft to type out what your character says to make them speak. Should you wish to put in an action, use the /me command. For instance, should you wish to greet someone, you simply open the chat bar and type. ------ Hello. ------ No quotation marks needed. Should you wish to state that perhaps, you give a respectful bow after your greeting: ----- /me bows respectfully. ----- It’s truly as simple as that, though you may want to detail yourself better. For instance: ----- Greetings, traveler. /me loosens their posture, stepping back slightly as they bow respectfully, flourishing their left hand in tandem with their descent and closing their eyes for a moment, before returning to a straight posture. May I presume to ask your name? ----- You can usually figure out the rest from here, but one, certainly complex at times occurrence that happens in many roleplay servers, this one included, is combat. For a detailed guide on combat RP, seek out Combat 101. As for wanting to speak normally to other members of the server while not roleplaying, there will be a general chat for that: but just for locally chatting, put whatever you want to say (in parenthesis like this.) Building your character You may have built your character one way but in truth, much like a normal human being in the real world, experiences can change them. They may experience things that turn their entire personality on its head or have scenarios introduced to them that force them to push the very bounds of their limits. This can reflect on you, the player, just as much as it can your character. Tears your character sheds could very well turn into your tears. Pain your character feels can be experienced too. Anger, happiness, joy, triumph, defeat: all of these things can be shared between yourself and your character. This does not make you a dork or a loser as SOME people tend to assume, this simply means you’ve really gotten in-character which is a good thing. You very well may end up loving your character on a personal level as I have one of my most successful characters, Feloreth. Or perhaps like James289 with RM or Keji_Ishikura with….. Well, Keji Ishikura. [Literally named his account after them. That should speak volumes about what roleplay can lead to once you get ‘that’ character]. When you have a fully fleshed out character for 6 months or more, you’ve put a bit of your soul into that character and it can very well become a very personally important thing to you. Don’t underestimate the bonds you can create or the kind of character evolutions you can experience while roleplaying.
  9. Character App: [* Red Asterisk * means that the subject after it is required to fill in for a complete app. Anything without a present * is optional, but will help flesh out your app more, raising your chances of being accepted drastically.] *Minecraft IGN: Real Name: Real Age: *Why do you wish to join our server? *How did you find our server? *Favored way of contact for questions and the like? (Skype, Discord, Teamspeak, Social media, ect. ect.) *Have you read and do you understand the server rules? *What rule do you like, respect or appreciate most and why? *Do you have prior experience roleplaying? *^If not, have you read all sections in Roleplay 101?[If you haven’t its ok, just go do that now before continuing.] *In your own words, define Metagaming. *In your own words, define Powergaming. *In your own words, define Godmoding. *Do you understand and accept that this roleplay server is a mature and serious community that takes roleplaying very seriously?[We aren’t sticks in the mud, we’re still doing this for fun. Just understand that we also don’t take kindly to people who are simply going to blow everything off as insignificant or downplay the experience for others.] *---Character Information--- -Base Character- *Character’s full name: *Age: *Gender: *Race: Weight: *Height: Body build: *Eye color: Facial Accessories/Eyeglasses: *Skin tone: Scars or birthmarks: Notable features: *Hair color: *Hairstyle: Voice: Physical disabilities[If any]: *Common Attire or Outfit seen in: Accessories: -Personality- *Good traits: *Bad traits: Common Mood: Sense of humor: What makes them most happy: What makes them most afraid: Priorities: Character’s soft spot: *Greatest strength: *Greatest vulnerability or weakness: What keeps them going every day?: -Past- Hometown: Childhood: Most important childhood memory: Childhood hero: Religion: -Present- *Occupation: Family: (List any living family members or relatives that are player characters or NPCs; if none are present, list family members in biography if you so choose to.) *Place of Residence[Traveler or Nomad are valid answers]: -Personal Favorites- Color: Instrument: Literature: Food: Drink: Form of entertainment: Transportation: Most prized possession: -Habits- Hobbies: Plays a musical instrument?: Spending habits: Addictions: Talented at: Inept at: Mannerisms: *Biography/Backstory:
  10. Special Rules [Town Guard]

    Guard Rules So you became a member of the guard in-character. Here are just a couple of things to keep in mind. 1- Do NOT let the rank get to your head. You are NOT staff unless you are a knight, duke/duchess or magnus. You can arrest and order around people in-character but you do not hold authority OOC. 2- If you abuse your power over characters in RP it is all too possible to lose your job. You will also be militarized as a footsoldier in any form of wars, meaning your character has a chance to die in battle as an infantry unit. By becoming a guard, you’re consenting to this possibility. 3- If your OOC friend breaks the law IC and wants you to help them escape or anything of that manner, you “can” if it would make sense in character, but you can lose your job. If it does NOT make sense in character, it will be treated as a metagaming offense. So on so forth with situations such as the above.
  11. Special Rules [ERP/Erotic Roleplay]

    ERP Rules So you got into a situation in RP that turned a bit erotic. Maybe your character fell for another character, or they fell for you and you ended up getting into a situation where now you’re in a relationship in-character. A lot of servers are incredibly strict on ERP, making it taboo, but a taboo on something natural to RP is a bit of an immersion-killer. This is a mature RP server. Your character doing the dirty with another character is a real possibility given the circumstances you’re presented with. However, though we believe it should be alright to do, we also wish to make this CLEAR. Not everyone will be ok with it. Not everyone will think of it as something natural to RP. You need to respect that. Here are a few rules you’ll need to follow should your character end up in a “situation”. 1- If you are ERPing with another player character, you must both give consent. 2- Rape in RP is a real thing and is treated as a serious in-character offense. If you do this to another player character, you will need their consent. If it is not given, but there is no way for them to escape it in RP, it will simply be stated that it “happens” and that will be the end of it. 3- If you sexually harass anyone OOC, it is unacceptable. Not everyone is going to want to ERP. No means no. If you harass anyone into trying to make them ERP with you, you WILL face punishment. Definitely a ban. 4- If you get into a consented ERP with another player character OR into an erotic situation with an NPC controlled by one of the quest masters or magni, you are required to go into whisper chat OR to do so in private messages so that the rest of the server or those nearby are not forced to see what you are doing.
  12. Special Rules [Quest Team]

    Quest Team Rules So you want to be a member of the Quest Team. You’ll need to have at least three months on the server beforehand and you’ll need to make the application under Staff applications. You can read these rules beforehand but it isn’t required. It WILL be required for you to understand these before we officially let you parade around on the quest team, however. 1- You cannot make quests specifically to reward your character or a friend’s character with amazing loot. It will be voided immediately, and your rank will be revoked permanently. 2- You cannot directly alter main questlines already preset by others. You can request ideas or talk them into changing something if you think it would be better, but editing a questline page to add something without anyone knowing will lose you your rank. 3- You are under EXCEPTIONAL watch for Metagame if you participate in your own quests, or quests you’ve worked on. If you metagame intentionally(we’ll know.) your rank will be revoked, no ifs or buts.
  13. Special Rules [Guildmaster]

    Guildmaster Rules So you want to run a guild. Well, here’s a few things you need to know and a few rules you need to abide by. 1- Owning a guild does NOT instantly make your character or guild an important, well-known piece in the political game. You need to start small and work your way up. Guilds rise and fall in utter silence: only the strong emerge and become well-known. 2- You may recruit on the forums with a page and you may recruit characters in-character. You may place signs up on public places or make deals with town owners to build recruitment centers to attract new members. You may NOT, however, continuously bug people OOC in OOC chat to join your guild. It is annoying and will NOT get you new members. 3- If you create a guild that intends to do evil and is open with their intentions, you are NOT void from being hunted down or having your guild be put on wanted posters. 4- If you, as guildmaster, become a criminal, your guild will also be held responsible. 5- If you, as guildmaster, have a guildie that becomes a criminal, you will be held responsible for reparation fees if they destroy property or commit acts of murder or thievery. 6- If you are banned from the server, your character will be removed as guildmaster and be replaced with the second in command of your guild. If you are pardoned, you will be able to reclaim guildmaster.
  14. Server General Rules

    1. Griefing Any form of destruction caused outside of instances of roleplay is prohibited. While we understand that some damage would occur to properties ingame during fights, and do encourage remaining true to form, keep any damage within reason (for an example of acceptable damages, check powergaming) punishments for breaking this rule in roleplay will vary depending on the damage caused, as well as the situation, at the attending staffs discretion, while OOC damage to pre built structures will not be tolerated. 2. Harassment Any form of harassment, be it through builds or chat, is prohibited, and will be punished accordingly. Keep things civil, and should you find yourself the target of such, notify a staff member. Punishments will be dealt by the attending staff member. -Note. Harassment does not mean you are not allowed to make jokes or have fun. Playful teasing and full blown verbal harassment are two very different things. 3. Roleplay/OOC While we understand that OOC chat can be necessary, please refrain from overusing it in large scale events, if at all possible. Say what needs to be said, then return to the event at hand. -Note. Not a bannable offense unless you are asked to stop and continue past all warnings. We take roleplay very seriously and if you don’t want to give our hard work the respect it commands at the end of the day, you are not going to be welcome on the server. 4. Powergaming While fighting may become necessary throughout the course of a campaign, keep in mind your characters capabilities, and remain true to them. For information on Powergaming, check Powergaming 101 in Roleplay 101. 5. Metagaming Remember that no one person knows everything. if you have knowledge of a dungeon in roleplay, be it due to experience, or possessing a map, then feel free to utilize such knowledge.... but refrain from utilizing knowledge your character would have no reason knowing, such as a map posted on the forums. For information on Metagaming, check Metagaming 101 in Roleplay 101. 6. Godmoding Your character isn’t God. You are not the main character of this story. This is not an anime. You WILL take damage, lose fights, perhaps even die. This doesn’t make you a bad RPer, but an experienced one. Godmoding is the act of playing out of term in order to bypass your characters limits in a way that breaks the experience for those around you; just out of the want to keep your character alive or make them “look cool”. It isn’t cool. Its lame and you should feel bad. For information on Godmoding, check Godmoding 101 in Roleplay 101. 7. Deaths Death is an integral part of life, however, we do wish for all players to have a chance to decide their characters fates. Outside of quest events or minor spars: player-character deaths will require the player who own's the character's consent under most circumstances. Circumstances dictate 90% of roleplay and you need to understand that Death may very well be in your character's future should you misplay a situation or should you simply be oh so unfortunate. Regardless of this, if you put your characters life at risk foolishly, be prepared for consequences, as you never know if the reaper might be just around the corner… -Rules worded by Keji_Ishikura. Breaking of any of the above rules WILL result in punishment, the severity of which scaling with the specific rule in question and circumstance.
  15. Humans

    Humans, simple yet so complex. The most common of races among Drakeheart are the modest, brave and tempered souls known simply as Humanity. Humans may not have the special hearing of elves, the super strength of trolls or the aptitude of Dwarves, but they have thrived and prospered all the same. This is due to something humanity has that some other's lack: the courage and drive to compete against those with natural advantages. Humans are capable of all things, but are naturally proficient in none. This has turned out to be more of an advantage for them than a disadvantage as once believed. Humans have produced some of the most legendary heroes throughout all of history. From the nigh unstoppable warrior Lanre Ravenholm, to the living shadow of perfect stealth Demitri Bane, to the astronomically powerful sorcerer Feloreth Dusk: Humans have proven time and time again that limits mean nothing before the drive to improve and the strength of one's soul. Biology Humans have a very simple biology comprising of a few major organs that keep them alive. They have nothing overly special and they have a moderately average height of a modest 5'0-6'0. Humans are quite fragile, able to be broken quite easily. They also have very little natural resistance against magic. Warmongerers Humans have been the main participants in almost all of the wars throughout history. Operating best in hostile or violent situations, Humans display unity and wisdom during conquest, making them dangerous while settling in new lands. Humans are very defensive and quick to retaliate against anything they perceive as a threat- as one weakness all humans seem to share is a fear of the unknown. This, coupled with arrogance that grows like weeds in the hearts of human rulers scorched the lands of Drakeheart with the flame of battle and slaked the parched soil with the blood of all that stood in their warpath. There is much prejudice towards humanity- some may argue that it is well deserved. Sub-Races Tarakin Tarakins are most discernible by protruding forehead veins coming from near or around their eyes or eyebrows. Aside from dyes, they only have hair colors and eye colors ranging in blacks, grays and whites. Something about their mutation has almost crippled their quintessence, making them incredibly inept with magic and giving them a terrible weakness to magical sources. However, their resolve and passions run deeper than most other races can ever comprehend and their bodies are unnaturally tough for a human-like race. They have a somewhat lessened moral compass and a need to be in control of their destiny, making them somewhat difficult to militarize aside from being hired swordarms. Nordic Nordic Humans, or simply "Nords" are rugged, frost-born natives of Icemyst Pass. Born to brave the cold, Nords boast immense resistance to and aptitude with Cryomancy, as well as being able to harbor immense natural strength. Some of the most noble human warrior families hail from Icemyst's Nords such as House Snoweagle and the Quantinos monarchy lineage. However, they have shortcomings when it comes to technology. Out of all humans, they are the most primitive, only recently capable of ships that could be self-sufficient on energy without requiring constant manpower. Highborn The Highborn are a rare and nigh extinct race of male Humans, bearing pure golden or amethyst colored eyes and a flawless complexion. Considered to be the sons of the Avatars, the Highborn are venerated and hailed for their direct connection with the crystal of creation. Able to cast magic without the need of a focus or crystal, the Highborn are the most powerful self-sufficient magi within all of Humanity- even capable of making a proud elf kneel in admiration. [Requires special application]
  16. Elves

    Elves are a noble, mystical race from the western vales of the Drakelands. They often have a regal, refined and proud look about them that may come off as smug to other mortal races. A very pious people, the Elves hold the legendary Highborn in high regard and venerate them in ceremonies sometimes lasting days throughout their beautiful cities. Coming in many different forms, Elves are a very diverse race. Elves are very proud and somewhat vain, focusing a lot of their attention on fine apparel and beauty. Their clothes are lavish and made of expensive material. Men often wear royal blue, lavish silken robes or surcoats over fine burlap clothing with expensive reptilian-hide make shoes and bejeweled circlets. Women often wear arrays of colorful dresses with high-heeled, adorned sandals and cover themselves in jewelry. Of course, not all types of elves dress so nobly. Many of the sub-races of elves care little for fashion, though the most well-populated Elves live in lavish aristocracies, using other races mostly as servants- leaving many races prejudice against Elves in the outer provinces. Regardless of the lavish aristocracies and overly noble society, Elves are anything but weak. Their militaristic might is nigh unparalleled due to their overwhelming numbers, magic aptitude and mystically imbued weapons and armor; Elves are quite often hailed as one of the great superpowers of the world Biology Elves have pointed ears that give them superior hearing to other mortal races who do not. They tend to be quite tall, usually 6'5 - 7'5 and have very angular faces with high, deep-set cheekbones and slightly slanted eyes. Other than these simple features, their basic biology is no different from a human's. Diversity of the Sub-Races Dark Elves Dark elves have ashen skin ranging from grays and dark blues with red or lavender eyes and black or white hair. Other than these changes, they seem to be quite similar to the common elf. However, they are quite adept naturally to Pyromancy and Necromancy above other forms of magic and cast more powerful hexes, jinxes and curses. They also tend to have higher arches on their feet, making them quite light-footed when sneaking about. Due to their natural dark skin color, many use it as a form of camouflage in the darkness allowing them to sneak around much easier. High Elf High elves have lighter, yellowish tinges in their skin and often have dark brown, brown mustard or olive green eyes and lighter hair colors such as blonde, light brown or cloudy gray. High elves also generally stand slightly taller than common elves and tend to be agile or dexterous. Wood Elf Woof elves tend to have slightly tanner or darker skin tones and naturally messy hair. They aren't too different from the common elf, but they have a slightly stronger connection to an older race of elves that is mostly extinct in today's world. They have a strong connection to nature and the spirit elementals that druids commune with. Sky Elf A rare mutation of female only elves, Sky elves tend to have pinker skin tones and silver, black or teal hair and many different eye colors such as pink, yellow, green, teal or orange. The most magically adept race on Drakeheart since the Highborn, Sky elves are considered the elves' own breed of Highborn due to their scarcity. Learns all archetypal magics at much faster rates and doesn't need a focus or crystal to cast but is quite inept when wielding conventional weaponry. Due to their nobility and beauty, as well as their possible connection to the Highborn, they are venerated and worshiped by the more religious elves as daughters of the Avatars. [Requires special application] Cherry Elves Believed to be extinct, the Cherry Elves were and possibly are discernible by their pink hair and amber eyes. They were once a proud race of all druids that were scoffed at by the common elf and exiled for their heresy in worshiping nature over the Highborn. Those born with amber eyes are direct descendants of Cherry Elves and carry their affinity for the spiritual forces of the elementals. It is believed that the fabled Chikaramancy was a creation of the Cherry Elves, or that perhaps it was by their hand that it was discovered and passed down to what was once kept on it in the town of Kyoshi.
  17. Dwarves

    Dwarves were the first mortal race to come to be. As life was breathed into the world, they popped out of the ground and started to thrive. A few mortal races appeared alongside them in the early stages of life but the first one to take a breath of Drakeheart's air was a dwarf. Dwarves are stout, plump and mighty and have a knack for building. Despite their shrimpy stature, they have the most colossal builds with forges through entire mountains and towers that could intimidate a dragon. The first 100 Dwarves, known as "The Hundredfold", established the ideal of a Dwarven avatar that became the first of many mortal idols aside from the main pantheon. Vastly populating the Fjordlands and Obsidia, Dwarves set the precedent for master smithworks in the land and were the first to innovate and develop steam-functioning machinery that could operate on its own without a controller or supervision. Due to this, Dwarves are respected as the most creative and innovative race, as well as the most hard-working. Though mostly keeping to themselves in their Cavern-forges, mines and fortresses, Dwarves have been known to live alongside Men and Elves; though, many Dwarves have prejudices against Elves and all beings with Elven features such as pointed ears. Biology Dwarves are noticeably shorter than most other mortal races, generally standing at 3'5 - 4'5. They generally have faster heart rates and high metabolism than other races, as well as higher stamina and quick muscular regeneration, meaning they can grow muscle quickly. They grow hair at much faster rates than other races as well, able to have a fully grown beard by 18 years of age. Their biological shortcomings, however, come with how quickly they deteriorate when they age. Dwarves have shorter lifespans than humans, usually living to around 60 before dying of old age. Lords of the Forge Dwarves are excellent blacksmiths and are able to work together to craft constructs of great might. Dwarves are directly linked to the Earth itself and are therefore able to create constructs out of stone known as Draug: living stone golems bound to the purpose their creator gave them. To complete these masterwork golems, Dwarves can impart a great deal of their life energy into a crystalline mass of quartz or any other crystal to create a Draugen Core, capable of granting life to stone. Draugen cores can be used to give life to a stone golem by placing them inside of one, or can be placed into a key to temporarily impart a soul onto any form of stone construct under the will of the creator. Creating a Draugen core shaves 10 years off of a Dwarf's life, however, so it is not performed lightly.
  18. Non-Archetypal Magic

    Arcane- ar-Cane | Adjective/Noun-: 2. Raw, tangible arkana under manipulation.(Noun) E2. “The power of Arcane spellcasts depends on the raw power of the caster and the raw power of the caster alone.” -”Sorcery for Plebeians” -Excerpt from the Dictionary Arkana Often appearing as a mass of spectral, icy blue mist: Arcane energy is pure arkana- or raw magic drawn forth without an element or incantation. It can be conformed to small bolts, large orbs or focused power-beams: really any stretch of the imagination when one imagines a power. Arcane energy is a reflection of the caster’s power- and thus its potency depends on the caster's quintessence. It can be cast without a focusing staff, lexicon or wand by novices and is often the best type of magic to practice with. To the touch, it seems somewhat electrical with a faint coldness to it, reinforced by what feels like an invisible physical force. It is quite tangible, though for how bright it is in color it does not produce much light- comparable to candlelight. Hexes Hexes are abnormal magic anomalies created in ill will by an incantation. These are performed most often with a magic channel in attack or defense of the caster. This is a form of dark magic that is more “acceptable”, but can cause one’s reputation to be slandered- as the use of dark magic for personal gain is; no matter what way you look at it, selfish and vile. Hexes often channel dark energy in the form of corrupt arkana and appear as tangible masses of grey, shadowy smoke. The power of Hexes vary between casters, but regardless of status of experience, Hexes will always be more potent than what the caster would normally be capable of. The casting of hexes takes its toll over time, however, as it is an accursed magic that plays off of the ill will of your own heart. It is highly corrosive to your moral compass and can lead to an uncontrollable corruption if misused. Jinxes: Jinxes are playful mind-tricking charms performed on a specific person. Luck jinxes can cause the victim’s surroundings to almost ‘target’ them- whether the jinx be for good or bad luck. A love jinx causes the victim to become irresistibly infatuated or lustful towards the caster or another being- causing them to lose their sense of reason and only care about whoever or whatever the caster wishes. A hunger jinx can cause the victim to constantly feel like they’re starving to death, etc. To cast a jinx, one must have a treasured belonging of their victim, as well as something of any other being who is a part of the jinx. These, much like hexes, are incantations- though they have more ritual values due to the need for earthly possessions. Unlike hexes, however, they are completely illegal. Curses: Curses are demonic incantations that cause ill will to turn into instant action if the curse works. To perform a curse, one must have a tainted arcane crystal and a ritual site. A straw effigy representing the victim(s) must be burned in the center of a summoning rune or inverted pentacle- points on the star being marked by a candle using black wax. Curses are punishable in the same way Necromancy is- execution void of trial.
  19. Orcs

    Orcs are a warrior people of the forest and mostly native to Endaria. They're commonly seen dressed in very loose or revealing clothing or armor and covered from head to toe in body paint or tattoos. This is due to their tribal nature often keeping them constrained to a very primitive grasp on cultures outside of their own that may use extravagant body coverings to show a sense of nobility; instead, for Orcs, one's status would be known simply by their job for their village. Unlike other civilizations, Shamancraft is considered normal among Orcs and is encouraged to be practiced in full-blown dedication. Each village has its own group of shamans: however, oddly enough, the main Orcish village only has one. Regardless of their warrior spirit or looks, however, an Orc is only at its fiercest when protecting a loved one standing behind them. Orcs are more peaceful and proper than most other races, having almost no real infighting, not counting sparring and training with one another to better protect their village. Biology Orcs have skin tones ranging to nearly all shades of green, some even bordering on dark blueish green. This coloration gives them natural camouflage in the forests that they call home. They have pointed elven ears, giving them superior hearing to other mortal races that do not. But, even though they're green and have pointed ears, the most recognizable calling card of the Orc race is their large, lower jaw and two elongated lower canines that protrude from their mouths. Due to the way their teeth are shaped, Orcs are primarily meat-eaters: though, they do have primitive ovens they use to bake bread, as well as special tools for mincing up vegetation to season meats with. Fruits are also a common sight on an Orcish feasting table, but not usually fruits with excess roughage like apples or pears, rather, soft and mushy fruits such as durians, bananas and peaches. Orcs are also avid drinkers with countless brew-masters throughout their villages all trying to get their hands on the freshest and best ingredients to make booze with. Orcish light beers are so stout that a dwarf could choke on it and Orcish wines could pass for straight liquor to most humans. Other mortal races can't seem to even comprehend the brewing techniques of the Orcs, nor can they seem to handle the intensity of their drinks, so they simply pass it off as being a disgusting slop they refer to as "Orcish Grog". Villages Orcs tend to live in small to medium-large villages that dot Endaria's landscape: however, they do have a "capital" village that, regardless of tribe, is seen as and respected as the most successful village. It is known as Akȕltaten and located in the center of Endaria's greatest forest. They have actual enclosed huts and somewhat advanced technology for their kind, including constructed machines that perform tasks on a large scale while being operated by many tribe members such as the Mulcher: a large, wooden urn with rotating blades that three orcs operate by pushing rods connected to them on the outside: running quickly around the urn in a circle while blending and mulching any ingredients thrown into the urn from above. They are also the only tribe with an operational wall around their village. Each Orc works together in their village with each having their own job. In some villages, there are fishermen, but not all. Those that do, do so with spear-fishing. Villages that are not near a large body of water or river tend to simply have "Gatherers" that run out and forage the nearby wilderness for edible plants and fruits, as well as any other goodies they might run into outside. Gatherers are responsible for finding the most arcane crystals in Orc villages, though the number is still extremely low. Hunters are responsible for killing and preparing big game for the Village to feast upon and are kept in high regard. There are metalworkers that can do limited blacksmith work with their primitive forges: but these Orcs are considered essential for a functioning Village. Then, there are healers, alchemists and brew-masters which all work to help others get through their daily lives be it with healing wounds, medicinal potions or a firm drink. Village Guards are considered mighty warriors capable of defending those behind them from all sorts of nasty threats from the dense forests. Shamans are admired as a High Priest would be in a human town, often being looked to for spiritual guidance or for blessings. Then lastly, there is the Village Chieftain: the mightiest and wisest warrior of the tribe whom is charged with overseeing the entire Village's well-being.
  20. Trolls

    Trolls are extremely brutish people that inhabit hot, rough areas such as badlands, rocky fjords or mountains. Most of their culture revolves around beating each-other senseless with clubs to decide who's in charge, or beating other people senseless with clubs and then eating them. They're very primitive and stupid, but large and powerful. The average Troll stands about 9'0 and the larger ones can get up to being 14'0. They usually dress in basic, poorly made cloth and hang bones all over themselves to show off the things they've killed. They usually trudge around barefoot or in poorly made sandals due to having very little knowledge of how to clothe themselves. Their covers are generally very loose and few and far between- and due to their extremely unhealthy eating habits, their bodies pudge out from their clothing. This, combined with their awful hygiene gives them a horrendous odor. Civilized Trolls are extremely rare, but it has happened before. It's certainly not impossible. Should a Troll become civil and a part of another society, they are not welcome back with their previous tribe. Even if given the chance to be armed with more well-made weapons, they will generally still prefer crude things like clubs or basic spears made from sharpened rocks and large sticks- should they be militarized. Biology- Trolls, for the most part, are "normal" mortal races with similar organs to that of a human, just larger. They do, however, have pointed, elf-like ears that give them superior hearing. Their noses are almost pig-like in a snout that gives them the ability to sniff things out very easily. They have a very strong stench-tolerance, as well as powerful lungs and stomachs, making them almost immune to most poisons. However, ironically enough, their skin blisters when in contact with antiseptics or soaps. If they do wash, they do so in water alone, but a Troll taking a bath happens about as often as a solar eclipse. Even though they are a very physical race, most Trolls have a lot of lumbering body-fat and don't have a lot of stamina. This is because they are much larger and require much more exercise to make a difference with their large amount of food intake. The potential strength of a well trained troll is staggering, even comparable to that of Generation 1 Clockworks.
  21. Undead

    Born of Destiny, Undead are uncommon scourge and an affront to most of the living. Always once a living being, Undead are often mortal souls moved back within the boundaries of the living world after having passed on. Whether they're a simple shade, ghost or phantom- or sealed within an actual corpse varies on circumstance. The "race" of Undead, however, pertains to a rare and often vengeful resurrection. If a mortal being dies with despair in their hearts- from being murdered, or from perhaps not finishing a task they were desperate to complete- Destiny may give them a second chance to rise again. If their original body is in-tact, they will be able to re-enter it. The body will continue to rot and decay, but they will inhabit it once more and regain control over their lost power. Biology- As an Undead, the subject no longer requires food, water, sleep or air to survive. However, they will weaken over time should they fail to feed the deathly energy now coursing through them with life energy, or the souls of living beings. Soul potions can replicate the life energy required and satiate the Undead but the hunger for an actual soul will always be there, regardless. Undead will become weak in the presence of Silver, as well as when in contact with a divine artifact. The deathly energy within an Undead is similar to the ectoplasm of a phantom or spirit, but in greater volume. It is, quite literally, the opposite of life energy. If blood must pass through the brain to keep it functional, Life-force or Life energy must pass through the quintessence to keep your magical force in tact. However, the Undead require this Death energy to pass through their quintessence instead- and it is twice as important: as the magic of their quintessence is the only thing keeping their soul in control of their body. If an Undead has a silencing charm laid upon them, they will "lose consciousness", so to speak, in the sense that they lose control and fall into a state of unresponsive "sleep", for instance. Where: if a living being is struck with a spell based around death energy, like a bolt or beam of raw death energy from a necromancer, their life force is directly struck and depleted- this will actually greatly heal or replenish an Undead. On the contrary, healing spells that replenish a mortal's life force will greatly deplete an Undead's vitality. The Curse of Failure An Undead cannot die, as they are immortal. If they take a fatal blow, they will topple unconscious for a great deal of time and be helpless for a few days instead. However, the quintessence requires connection to the body at all times and is located in the head: thus, if an Undead is decapitated, their soul will simply pass on. Aside from this, however, they could suffer one-thousand deaths and continue to get up: so long as their will to fight remains. If an Undead was resurrected for a task they could not complete in life, they will continue to rise again until they at last complete their mission; However, their strength and control is only as strong as their hopes and wishes. Should they lose all hope, they will slowly lose their ability to control themselves and become hollow. Hollow Undead, or Feral Undead are as wild beasts hunting for mortal souls to satiate their hunger until the day time ravages them down to dust and ash. Sub Races- Among the Undead, there are many different forms. The primary Undead is but a simple corpse, animated once more. There are a few other forms of Undead, however. Wraith- Your soul was not granted a second chance by Destiny, but on the brink of death a Necromancer resurrected you to this realm. You are bent to their will and though your old conscious still somewhat remains, you curse at your old name and old life as a burden on your soul. Bound to your master until their death or your release, you are a vengeful spirit whom scorns the Avatars in hushed tones for denying you the second chance you clung to. Wraiths have access to automatic sustained flight and learn the dark arts at a faster pace. Their claws are soul-ripping weapons. (Skin rule: Use More Player Models to remove your legs.) Wight- You were infected with Wightenthropy in life, whether by your own desire or by the desire of another Undead. Wights are more regal Undead, with no direct or final mission by default. They are more acceptable by the living as they're more well known about and not entirely, technically Undead- but moreso on a gray border between Life and Death. Known for being noble, graceful and shrewd, Wights learn Cacomancy at a much faster pace and can thrive off of both life and death energy. (Can only be obtained in-character, not in-application.) Vampyre- A mutation brought about by the overconsumption of mortal blood- Vampyrism transforms one into a blood-craving Undead creature of the night. Becoming engulfed in flames in the sunlight and being weakened heavily in the presence of any symbol of Aeogoth- the Vampyre has quite a few weaknesses- however, they are still quite fearsome. With superhuman speed, strength and reactions, Vampyres are lethal assassins of the night, scowering streets under moonlight for lonesome victims to feed off of. Consumption of blood strengthens them greatly and empowers their hemomantic abilities. (Only obtainable in-game, not in-application) Lich- The Apex Predator and the ultimate symbol of unprecedented supremacy, the Lich commands Necromancy and all forms of dark magic with unparalleled skill and might. Beings of legend, very few believe in their existence, but to some, they are all too real. Not much is known of them even in legends, except from the simple fact that of all beings in the mortal realm and perhaps even the divine realm, they are to be feared above all. (Only obtainable in-game, not in-application.)
  22. Draconians

    - Seeing the success of the Avatar of Water, one of her daughters- the Minor Avatar of Storms wished to follow in her mother’s footsteps and bless Drakeheart with life. Seeing no way to do this, however, she began to consult the oldest and wisest of kings recognized by the Gods. The wisest king of all, the ancient being known as Gelatiel warned her of her eagerness to create further life; that sin had taken grip on the Avatar of Water’s people and that her creations may be even moreso impure. Gelatiel’s answer was similar to all beings she consulted thereafter until finally, she came before her own mother and asked of her: “Are the mortal races enough to bloom life in this world? If your gentle love they inherited not, ‘least nay entirely, would mayhaps another child of the Gods descend to guide them?” Her mother’s silence never broke, and thus the daughter felt it would be best to leave this wish be. A mysterious, celestial being appearing as a dragon climbed from the abyss, sensing a deep desire in this Goddess of storms. “You’ve a heavy heart, what’ve laid upon it but the will to create? Doth the creations below require divine guidance; yae, thus I must inquire your melancholy?” The dragonic being’s words were chillingly persuasive- the Goddess of Storms taken in by its words of comfort and care for her will. This dragon- Avslutande, was the God of the Primal Dark, yet his presence reflected not of a will to consume, but a will to create. For before in the nothingness, nay but dark loomed, not a bloom of comfort nor life. Avslutande and the Goddess of Storms came together and conceived two children. Zeondis, the Dragon Lord of Majesty was the eldest. He is depicted as a grey/gold and seasoned Draconian having a single blind eye and wielding a mighty, divine spear. In the Draconian Pantheon, he is the father to the race. In the Draconian version of the afterlife, Zeondis is depicted as ruling over the dead spirits in merriment. Yrmadath, the Dragon Lord of Winter was the youngest. He is depicted as a turquoise/white Draconian whom is much bulkier than Zeondis as well as much taller. Holding nay but the power of snow and ice, he is the guide of Draconians en voyage. In the Draconian Pantheon, he is the being responsible for fortune when sailing, and will send frosty gusts to point voyagers in the right direction. Yrmadath departed to the northernmost edge of the world and roosted, going into a deep slumber. It is said that winter is when he is most active in his slumber- his breaths spreading globally, causing blizzards and snowstorms. Zeondis sought out Dragons and their relatives within the realm of Drakeheart and found a suitable mate. Leaving with her to mark their place in the heavens, the first Draconian eggs hatched. Draconians grew to be the top predator of Endaria very quickly due to their God-granted power. Intelligent and mighty, Draconians quickly conquered and razed- ending six early civilizations and driving many beings native to Endaria to complete extinction. Learning of technologies from the decimated civilizations, they began to construct longboats of oak and weapons of stone. The mightiest among them was deemed the ruler. His family line goes all the way down to the current King Drakannius. Eventually, many generations passed and they found an island worthy of habitation and laid the foundations of their civilization, marking their territory with a grand construction. Erecting this grandeur castle known as Drakeflame, they have now advanced to a more regal and graceful race- yet still vicious, territorial and keen. Their new king, Drakannius, is the most compassionate of all Draconians- leading with great strength but a level head. Appearance and Biology/Diet Draconians are reptilian, meaning they are cold blooded. They require a warm place to survive but also a way to cool down. Generally living near water in a temperate zone, one of the wonders of Draconian religion is their God ‘Yrmadath’ who supposedly lives in the northernmost part of the world. Much like a Dragon, Wyvern or even Lizard, they have hard scales covering most of their bodies and a leathery, rough underbelly that stretches from their chin to the back of their tail. Their nails and teeth are very similar as they are made of bone, and will crack off and regrow when maturing or self-repairing. Draconians have an exceptional healing factor, able to recover from nonlethal wounds and regrow their flesh in mere hours. They can also regrow any lost limb good as new within a few months to a year(depending on how much was lost I.E, a hand will take a couple months whereas the entire arm could take a year) except for their head. Completely carnivorous, they primarily try to eat ammonia-rich meat or extremely greasy meats from Sharks or Mythic Game such as Minotaurs. This is due to a strange set of sacs that collect and draw out ammonia and other gaseous chemicals from their food. This can be regurgitated and superheated in the mouth in order to spew intense flames. They will often cook meat that gets greasier as it heats in order to assist them in building up this hunting/defense mechanism. The recoil from this gas explosion would normally be extremely dangerous, but their jaws and throat are padded by several layers of shock-absorbing tissue that negates any and all blast-recoil. This can fire in a stream up to twenty feet long and in an eight foot cone if enough is regurgitated for a full blast. With experience and maturity, Draconians can control their fires much easier. In young age, they will often hiccup flames from reflux, making baby Draconians quite ‘difficult’ to care for as another one of the mortal races. The average draconian stands about 10’5 with a twelve-foot wingspan and six-foot tail. Male Draconians will often have bony horns grow in on their backs, arms and shoulders that grow in during puberty. This is treated in their culture much like facial hair is for human men. The Draconian’s facial horns, however, grow in much later when they progress to Adulthood. These horns only grow in one way for each individual, but can be trimmed and dressed for vain appearance reasons. Female Draconians mature much faster than male Draconians and are more physically capable during early stages and puberty stages, but fall off in adulthood. However, female Draconians are still very physically mighty compared to other races and aren’t too noticeably weaker than males. They’re however, often much smarter. Their faces are much thinner and they have a slightly more feminine body-shape much like a humanoid female. However, they’re still noticeably bulky and have just as much of a warrior’s spirit in their culture. They do not grow bony horns on their body, but will still grow facial horns. For the most part, Draconians have the same organs as humans, but with a few more. Their firesacs, for instance, in their throat are unique to them. They also have a second liver that specifically filters alcohol and impurities and is much stronger than most livers. Their first liver specifically filters blood and blood alone. Culture and Politics Draconians are warriors at heart. Their rank depends on their swordarm and ability. Draconians dedicated to magic research are excluded from the warrior class, as are nesting mothers. They have a sole leader: the King or Queen. Their advisor is the head magi and scribe that is seated at the right side. Before them is a great arena and a set of spectator stands where Draconians do battle on a daily basis to settle political debates or strategy, or simply quarrels. Anyone from any race is allowed to compete here and even challenge the King/Queen for their throne. However, losing this challenge means service to the King/Queen for a decade. Winning this challenge declares you the new leader of the Draconian race. All politics are solved with direct battle unless involving an outside party, in which it is handled directly through the advisor and King/Queen- the final decision standing with them alone. There are five social classes. Archon: King/Queen Magnus: Advisor, Wyvern elite, Captain of the Guard, Military General, Champions Jarl: Heralds, Business owners, Guards Plebeian: Soldiers, Citizens, Nesting mothers, Visitors Slaves The Archon has complete say in all, and all other Draconians bow to them. The Archon has their say in any mate, thus their royal bloodline continue to their wishes unless the throne be wrested from them. A Magnus is a being of grand importance, whether to the King/Queen’s service directly, or a being of high praise in combat. They have the same authority as a Jarl but have their judgements taken into higher regard unless there is counteracting proof. Jarls are servants to the Magni and by extension, the Archon indirectly. Speakers, supporters of the economy and those with authority to uphold the laws by force if need be are all deemed Jarls. They are the judge of a being's guilt or innocence. Plebeians are middle-low class citizens and workers and often lowly footsoldiers in Draconian Infantry. Having no authority, they simply live in basic nesting areas. Slaves are captives or lawbreakers sentenced to the most menial and physically taxing work such as cleaning or upkeeping of the castle. They can also be issued to specific Jarls or Magni of whom have total ownership and authority over them. Laws Murder is prohibited and leads to public execution. Killing in the arena accidentally is considered honorable death by combat and bypasses the rule unless the deathblow was completely intentional and there is proof to validate. Thievery dishonors the perpetrator and their entire family, moving them to the rank of Slave in a life sentence. A second offense leads to execution. Seating at the Archon’s throne is the same as issuing a challenge for the throne and will result in forced arena combat. Disobeying a superior directly is by extension direct defiance of the Archon and is treated as treason- execution void of trial. Heathen practices such as Necromancy deem execution void of trial. All sons and daughters of a mother or father taken by the Archon are bastardized and kept at their ranks. New children will be considered royalty, however, should the previous children still be alive, their rank and prestige stay the same. Adultery with the Archon’s chosen mate results in execution by combat with the Archon personally. Fights used to make changes to the political system or its ranks must be accepted by the Archon and two Magni before the terms are set. Pantheon Avia(Ay-vee-ah)- Goddess of Storms. Referred to as “Grandmother” in the Draconian tongue. Depicted as a beautiful human maiden wrapped in clouds. Avslutande(Ahv-slood-ahn-day)- God-King of Primal Darkness. Referred to as “Grandfather” in the Draconian tongue- in a term usually used in a bittersweet way. Depicted as a black dragon with one glowing red eye, and one glowing blue eye. Zeondis(Zee-on-die)- Lord of Majesty. Referred to as “Allfather” in the Draconian tongue. Depicted as a one-eyed grey scaled draconian with a golden underbelly. He holds a powerful spear and stands upon a stormcloud. King of the afterlife and the mightiest Draconian warrior in existence- unrivaled in combat. He has features depicting him as a very aged Draconian, as his horns are a darker color and his facial features are drooping slightly. Yrmadath(e-Erm-ah-dath)- Lord of Winter. Referred to as “Slumbering King” in the Draconian tongue. Depicted as a turquoise scaled draconian with an underbelly white as snow. He’s incredibly large. It is said that each winter, on the coldest day, he snores with such force that all his teeth fall out. They regrow by next winter, but the shed teeth birth frost-trolls: the only beings whom’s conquering power and physical might can match a Draconian’s. It is believed that Yrmadath’s slumber allows him to watch the Draconians from afar and look after them. Guiding gusts of frosty wind are said to be Yrmadath’s hand guiding you in the right direction. Thrandor(thran-Door)- Lord of Thunder. Referred to as “Brother” in the Draconian tongue. He is depicted as a mighty draconian warrior wielding a powerful mace that commands thunder and lightning. A war hero, he is worshiped as a being to follow in the footsteps of by Draconian soldiers. He has bronze scales and a black underbelly with wicked horns growing all over his arms, back and tail. Sometimes, male and female draconians both will grow extremely hard plates and horns on their tail. This is said to be a blessing from Thrandor, as these Draconians often become Champions. Frynnoth(Free-nyoh-th)- Lady of the Heavens. Referred to as “Mother” in the Draconian tongue, she is depicted as a white-scaled dragon with a crystalline underbelly. She has an aurora in her wings that is said to cause the northern lights. Bewed to Zeondis, Frynnoth is the mother of the Draconian race. Aeogoth(Ay-Oh-Goth)- The Avatar of Stone. Referred to as “Watcher” in the Draconian tongue, he is depicted as a golden serpent-dragon with the stars on his underbelly. They believe him to be a sentinel to protect them from the prophetic end of days. Destrythalga(Dest-ree-Thahl-gah)- The Avatar of Destiny. Referred to as “Armageddon” in the Draconian tongue, he is depicted as a black dragon with violet horns. Believed to be the lord of the hell planes. Felstokruth(Fell-Stah-krooth)- The Champion Death. Referred to as “Gatekeeper” or “Death” in the Draconian tongue, he is depicted as a skeletal draconian with a black, spiked crown, a dreadful scythe and a legion of the dead at his back. Draconians fear this being as an omen and see his symbol as a great affront, believing him to try and drag Draconians to the hell planes away from their afterlife in Zeondis’ hall. Bakrofet(Bae-crow-Fiet)- The Infernal King. Referred to as “Worthy Devil” in the Draconian tongue, he is depicted as a slender, humanoid being in black, bony armor and wielding a flamberge engulfed in flames. It is unknown what relation this ‘God’ has with the Draconian race, as they seem to view it in an odd fashion of disgust yet respect. Sludgorieth(Slood-goh-ree-eth)- The Lord of Beasts. Referred to as “Slime King” in a hiss in the Draconian tongue, Sludgorieth is viewed as a large mass of coagulated sludge with a green tinge, gemstones of great worth upon his crown-like brow and a single eye missing. He is the minister of mythical beings in the lower realms and one of the wise kings Avia consulted in her journey. ‘Gelatiel’ is his name in the tongue of men. Hierogoregant(Hi-roh-go-re-gant)- Key to the Frozen Hells. Referred to as “Guardian” in the tongue of Draconians, Hierogoregant is a large, blue, frost dragon tasked with guarding the top of their holy spire. He is prophesied to one day lead the Draconian race to defeat the Gatekeeper’s chosen and destroy the hell planes in the name of Zeondis’ hall on the day of Armageddon. Dragon of victory, he is revered as a minor deity though he has no ties to the Gods of old. Due to his immense power, the draconians believe him to be a prophet of Thrandor.
  23. Acromancy The primal dark art, represented by the Spider. Acromancy is a toxic art of virulence and spite, based around deigning in alchemy and mathematical design through your magic. History shows no sign of a singular Acromancer- and by its standards, it is the rarest of the primal dark magics, oft not even mentioned- as primal dark magic is treated as a trinity by most. But Acromancy does exist- its power unknown and mysterious. Will even one dare to dabble? Or will even one even have the chance? Spellscribe- Countdown to Apocalypse- Discern the Acro Elixir recipe from your grimoire at last. Concoct it correctly and imbibe it to accept Acromancy. All magic you possess becomes slightly weaker but other primal dark trees, umbramancy and necromancy are empowered. If you have Evolved Magic(umbramancy) whatever dark-infused elemental magic you chose is empowered as well. Spellsmith- Aquio Toxin- If you have “The Living Alembic”(Aquiomancy) or find a Living Alembic and brew Acro Elixir with it, the alchemical totem becomes “The Acro Alembic”. The Acro Alembic is mobile and can be used to brew advanced Acro tinctures that can be used to infest living beings with cellular spider parasites that hijack their mind and body, allowing you to control any who imbibe enough. Mortals can break free, however- and cannot be commanded directly, only influenced. Also any Acromancy potions brewed at an Acro Alembic cannot be rolled below 10, and can be re-rolled three times. Monstrous Healing Pathogen- Gases produced by your alchemical creations will create a haze of sustenance that deadens pain and recuperates the wounded. Beings who stay in the pathogen will be energized and have their wounds closed up with artificial, exoskeletal tissue that will fall off like a scab once the flesh underneath has regenerated. Beings exposed to enough of this, however, are driven to the point of addiction and will begin arachnid-like, cannibalistic mutations if they can no longer obtain the haze. ALWAYS GAIN AT SPELLSMITH: Evolutionary Surgeon- You can now enhance living beings by combining Acromantic magic and modern Alchemy. By applying a constant pump of Acro-fluid(Recipe found in grimoire) through the body of another whether by clockwork technology or other methods, you can allow beings to tap into 100% of their muscle power without any form of bodily backlash. This will cause a gruesome mutation over time, causing the affected to slowly become more arachnid-like. They will begin to grow odd, exoskeletal limbs from their back or side and have fleshy tissue patches begin to harden into exoskeleton over their body. This will progress into a complete turn of intelligence and instinct, turning even timid animals like rabbits into raving, abhorrent, carnivorous killing machines under your complete control. In all ways, they are enhanced. Apprentice- Rage Stimuli- Beings who are currently under the influence of your Acromantic tinctures have a chance of being consumed in a blind rage, increasing their power tenfold for a few minutes before their bodies give out and become worthless. Arcane Pathogen- Your umbramantic, necromantic or evolved elemental spells leave behind an odd haze that cause those who breathe it in to become weaker to magic. Bile Arkana- Magic sludge forms after completing a potion or poison of any kind that uses Mana Dust. Collecting this sludge and boiling it down to a liquid creates a very strong mana potion. Can be used in some acro alchemy potion recipes. Mystic- Putrid Carrion- Living beings who die with any form of acro toxin or fluid in their system emit highly toxic pathogens that spread a horrid disease capable of rotting flesh and turning bone to sludge after long periods of exposure. You are not immune to this. Any Acromancy based abominations will feast on the infected corpse, increasing the speed of any current mutations on them. Acrotic Lungs- Your body conditions to poison and toxic pathogens, preventing infection through inhalation of any kind. Acrotic Touch- All potions, poisons and brewed ingestibles that you create can be infused with a single drop of your own blood to turn them Acrotic. Ingesting Acrotic liquids will cause a release of endorphins and causes an addictive response to calmly surface in the victim, but will also cause the properties of the substance to be expanded greatly, enhancing their effects. Journeyman- Alembic of Disgust- By brewing and cooking down living organisms, you can form bio-sludge which can be a substitute for acro-fluid. Size of the living organism determines amount of bio-sludge. Natural Selection- Any acro-abominations you have created can be supplied with essence of choice(recipe found in grimoire) in order to rapidly speed up their evolution. However, during this time they are much more reckless. Spider, Spider, what have you done?- All acro-abominations will begin to grow reactive egg-sacs in their body. Upon their death, these egg-sacs hatch acro-spiderlings which can grow indefinitely but start off incredibly weak. Accomplished(Choose two)- ALWAYS GAIN AT ACCOMPLISHED: Mistake- Your body is now conditioned to acrotic pathogens. You begin to evolve...whether you want it or not. Acro-Webbing- You evolve, gaining the ability to spin sticky threads with steel-wool consistency. Acro-Armor- You evolve, growing thick exoskeletal plates of chitin. Acro-Venom- You evolve, growing mandibles with powerful paralyzing venom. Acro-Reactor- You evolve, producing acro-fluid from devoured sustenance instead of producing urine or feces. Acro-Brood- You evolve, gaining the ability to spawn acro-spiderlings by laying eggs of your own. Requires a great deal of stamina and the ingestion of large amounts of bio-sludge or acro-fluid. Expert- ALWAYS GAIN AT EXPERT: Vile Appendages- You evolve, growing two chitin-plated forelegs from your spine that have a full 360 degree rotation and maximize in length at six feet. Scythes of the Dreadkeeper- Your vile appendages evolve scythe-like curves at the end that work much like a praying mantis’ forelegs, specializing in snatching and impaling prey on sharp spines. Harvester’s Hands- Your vile appendages evolve spear-like tips that specialize in extracting fluids by violently sucking out innards connected to their locations. Stored fluids fill up sacs at the base of the arms. Extracted fluids turn into bio-sludge over time while remaining inside. Gifts of the Brood- Your vile appendages can inject acro-fluid, causing rampant healing and battle adrenals. Fingers of the Mountain- Your vile appendages evolve thick chitin plates with spines, designed for mauling and clubbing with extreme force. Master- ALWAYS GAIN AT MASTER: Sickening Sight- You are rendered blind. After a few days of blindness and acrotic evolution, you grow a set of two large black eyes with two sets of two smaller eyes each centered at the face slightly below and between them. Compound Eyes- Your sight becomes compound, capable of seeing things thousands of times better than a normal mortal. Sixth Sense- Your eyes become capable of seeing arcane auras and detecting presence by arkana alone. Can also see spirits, ghosts, unconjured demons, ect. Umbral Sight- Your eyes are capable of seeing perfectly clear in the deepest, unfathomable darkness but are extremely sensitive to light. Ultraviolet Sight- Your eyes are capable of detecting heat signatures and are capable of comprehending the entire color spectrum. Archmagus- ALWAYS GAIN AT ARCHMAGUS- Apex Predator- Permanent Transformation- Drider: Undergo a drastic evolution, your bottom half turning to that of an acromantula’s and your upper half being completely consumed in bio-armor-like chitin. Gain all Accomplished perks.
  24. Demomancy The primal dark art of ancient demon magic. Demon magic is powerful and cruel: commanding swathes of emerald flame and rending darkness of hellish degree: one could argue that Demomancy is the very reflection of the calamity itself. Demomancers are to be burned alive if caught- as an effigy of the calamity. Spellscribe- Apocalyptic Sacrilege: By continuing into this grimoire, you knowingly renounce all possible ties with the Avatars and pledge yourself to the infernal lords of the primal dark realm. You can no longer cast practical Pyromancy, Cryomancy, Aeromancy, Aquiomancy, Celestiamancy, Umbramancy or Luxomancy. Spellsmith- Subtle Armageddon- Corrupt the trees of Aeromancy and Aquiomancy entirely and become capable of tapping into them if you weren’t able to already. All psionic noise you generate will turn into a swathe of emerald fire upon dissipation. Able to turn life totems into death totems. Much like life totems, their true power is sealed for now. Decimator of Worlds- Corrupt the trees of Pyromancy and Cryomancy entirely and become capable of tapping into them if you weren’t able to already. All flame spells you cast are now of emerald fire, which is much more powerful and spreads of its own volition, never needing a host to burn off of. All frost spells are of black frost which ignores any form of magic resistance or barrier entirely. War-horn of Hell- Corrupt the tree of Planarmancy entirely and become capable of conjuring bound demons regardless of perk choice. All elementals you conjure will be Ragnarok elementals of meteoric rock and emerald flame. Eternal Chaos- Corrupt the trees of Umbramancy and Luxomancy entirely and become capable of tapping into them if you weren’t able to already. All dark spells will gain massive potency and be of raw primal darkness, instead of wispy dregs pulled up from the nothing. All luxomancy spells will be of nega-light, an eclipsed light that swallows magic sources entirely into an endless abyss. Apprentice- Doomsayer(Requires ‘To Burn the Sun’ from Pyromancy)- By destroying one discerned copy of “Lexicon- Infernus” Gain the ‘Calamity’ spell. Calamity- Destroy all nearby arcane crystals with an explosion of energy. All arcane crystals effected ripple out emerald fire to assault nearby life-sources. Gift of Primal Dark- Able to corrupt a corrupted arcane crystal to turn it into a primal crystal. Primal crystals are much more powerful and have an endless supply of energy, but can only be used for primal dark spells. Drink Deep the Dark- Able to corrupt livingwater at a death totem. Corrupt livingwater turns bodies of water to blood so long as it overtakes at least 1/8th of the body. Panic of the Planes(Requires Expert Planarmancy)- Able to conjure bound ravager shadow beasts from the primal dark world at will. Mystic- Eclipse(Requires Master Celestiamancy)- Your solar flare spell will be converted into ‘Eclipse Flare’. Eclipse flare appears as a blinding sphere of primal darkness that carries with it the very same intense power as the solar flare, only of great force. Planarmageddon- Any demons, elementals or shadow beasts you conjure will be cloaked in a destructive emerald flame maelstrom. Restraining Masquerade- Capable of casting all negated archetypes normally without demomantic infusement, but spells will be more costly yet feel weaker. Journeyman- Journey through the Dark- When in the primal dark realm, all demomancy infused spells or summons are empowered greatly. You also gain resilience to the maddening effects of the realm. Heart of Darkness- Able to craft a Dark Heart at a death totem from corrupt livingwater, glass and a corrupt arcane crystal. Capable of storing a great deal of souls, this glass vessel will begin to fill with a pure black fluid- like liquid shadow as you store souls into it. If it is broken while full, it conjures a swarm of unbound shadow beasts. A full dark heart can be used in crafting. Calamitous Lust- Able to craft a scrying primal eye at a death totem from the soul of a shadow beast, wraith ashes and the eye of a dead shadow beast. Use of the scrying primal eye will give you a small whisper of forbidden knowledge pertaining to the location of a drakomancy or divimancy tome. Can only be done once. Accomplished- Army of Judgement Day- Any undead you raise by necromancy will explode into a swathe of emerald flame upon being struck down. Crux of Inner Power(Requires you to have Chikaramancy unlocked)- Your aspect is engulfed and destroyed, being replaced with the aspect of armageddon- represented as utter destruction and emerald flame. Crux of Inner Peace(Requires you to have Artemancy unlocked)- Any and all arkana placed into your movements are laden with emerald flame and destruction, forcing your body to be a catalyst for raw destruction. Evolved Darkness(Requires Evolved Magic[Umbramancy])- You are capable of tapping into your evolved element if you weren’t already. Your evolved element is now enhanced with primal dark. Sin and Agony- All emerald flame created by your demomancy will now prioritize mortal life-force, further prioritizing those with darker intents and bloodier pasts. Expert- Damnation of the Spirit World- Bargaining with spirits through Cacomancy becomes more successful in proportion with the potential destruction wrought by the outcome. Spirits you bargain with become more susceptible to intimidation rolls as they sense your ability to destroy them with Demomancy. Dark Matter- When using astromancy, latent dark matter builds up in the area surrounding you, forming as dark crystals. Projectile based spells you cast will also be cast from these dark crystals to converge on the same impact zone. Foundational Chaos- All mimicry performed through Geomancy will be corrupt with primal dark, giving you a constant blazing aura of emerald flame while transformed. Soil and rock manipulated by you can be remotely altered into emerald magma. Demonic Blood Boon- All objects remotely controlled by your blood through means of vihemomancy can be engulfed in emerald flame at will. Awestruck- Mortal foes in combat with you that have access to arkana sense must roll every three turns to resist intimidation from your raw power. Failing the roll will force an intimidation and fear effect on them. Master- Transformed Might(must have a permanent transformation)- Your transformed state is infused by Demomancy. Liches gain all demomancy spellsmith perks. Vampyres can no longer be harmed by holy objects. Lycanthropes can now summon bound shadow beasts to hunt with them by howling. Driders can spawn demonlings, which are spiders that self-destruct into emerald flame. Demonic Imposition- Able to roll intimidation on greater beasts and mythic monsters. Magus of Greater Might- For every magic archetype you have master or higher in, select a second perk in spellsmith, then apprentice, then mystic and up. Cannot select another master perk and the effect ends here. Tyrant- You can issue commands to intimidated mortal beings and magically obligate them to obey. Can work on players, but a second roll is required to make them obey. Archmagus- Demon Emperor- Capable of binding and controlling up to four conjured demons. By consuming a demon’s power, you can restore your own arkana and life essence. Infernal Dictator(Requires Tyrant)- Player characters and npcs intimidated by you are suspended in a state of geas and will obey a single command without resistance. Must roll to keep them under your control afterwards. Defeating a player character under geas will make them easier to control if you encounter them again. You can mentally enslave an npc permanently with repeated success of this geas. With player consent, you can mentally enslave a player character as well, but they can be rescued from your grip. Hell Weaver- Emerald flame created by your demomancy will now seek out and prioritize arcane crystals and cause them to explode and create more emerald flame.
  25. Divimancy The primal dark art of divination. Divimancers are able to project their mind forcefully into the folds of time and see the unknown unfold before them. Being rendered blind- Divimancers have a history of being kept by those of high esteem and power such as kings to rise to power through contesting their prophetic visions. Spellscribe- Third Eye- After seeing the contents of the divimantic grimoire, your eyes are set ablaze in emerald flame, driving you completely and utterly blind. Your psionic powers awaken. Spellsmith- Apocryphatic Mind- Scrying the direct future of a mortal being who is destined to be struck by some force of spell or damage will cause their bodies to be rent by it in the immediate moment as well. Empathic Psion- When scrying someone’s immediate future, should they be destined to receive a certain blow, you can relocate the force to your own body. You can also do this to re-direct damage to your body onto someone else. Psionic Burst- You radiate an aura of psychic noise, preventing direct spellcasting within ten feet of your body. Apprentice- Mana Seal- Beings within ten feet of your body have their arkana transferred to you over time. Weeping Soul- You are now able to bring out the darkness from someone’s past into their present mind, instead of only their future- and cause them to mentally re-live an experience. Dreams and Pyres- Able to scrye the dreams of a sleeping victim and forge an event in their nearby future, reflecting their dream. Mystic- Magic Lock(Requires Psionic Burst and/or Mana seal)- Psychic noise aura extends to thirty feet. Foreseen Cataclysm- Able to alter a scryed future, but only in a negative way- forcing disaster or simply bad luck upon them. And Then There was Silence- Attempting to foresee a major event gives you a small chance to grasp a true future sight(Roll & DM), but your tongue shall seal itself on the subject. Journeyman- Denier(Requires Magic Lock)- Victims of your psionic aura have their stamina sapped while in your presence to a degree of drowsiness, but goes no further. Wrath of the Third Eye- You are able to project psionic noise in the form of black lightning from a spectral eye on your forehead. This psionic noise delivers real force but does not harm the body. However, it does direct all calamities in the immediate future of all nearby to focus the target. Creator of Fate- You are able to evade your own fate by reading it beforehand. Fate will not change direction to catch you. Accomplished- Event Horizon(Requires Denier)- Victims of your psionic aura cannot escape from the edge of it and are pulled back towards you so long as your arkana focuses on them to do so. Mirrored Planes- By matching up the immediate fates in the mirror realm to your current plane of existence, you can conjure forces from the other side such as shadow beasts or the inhabitants of the other plane of existence opposite to your current location. They are unbound, however- but count as summoned creatures and can be bound by certain perks. Crushing Tapestry- Through intense concentration, you can conjure shades of the past correlating to those around you that only they can see. While interacting with these beings, victims of crushing tapestry lose all magic resistance. Expert- Singularity(Requires Event Horizon)- Beings within five feet of you have 100% of their arkana ripped from them. Mirror Entity- Upon scrying the future of someone, you can create a mirror image of them that plays out the next hour of their life, changing in response to them that only you can sense. Mindblast- While scrying the past of someone, you can extinguish their image from the past to weaken them temporarily. Master- Dead Void(Requires Singularity)- Beings trapped in your psionic field become disoriented so long as you are in their line of sight. When you are not in their line of sight, their vision darkens and they hallucinate. Fatal Declaration- While scrying someone’s immediate future- if death is their fate within the next hour, strike them dead instantaneously. Archmagus- Magic Abyss(Requires Dead Void)- Beings trapped in your psionic field that you focus on one at a time with your arkana have their life-energy drained parallel to their arkana. Decree of the Lost(Requires Fatal Declaration)- Beings killed by Fatal Declaration become bound spirits that rise to defend you from harm should you call upon them.