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The Arenas

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The Arena


Arena fighting has retained its title as most beloved combat sport since its first days during the Blood age. Started by a Dwarf by the name of Valis Dreydnar at the year 800, it was originally a simple 20x20 foot patch of sand bordered by wooden logs. After a petition for the sport to be recognized as a warrior’s proving grounds, it was allowed by decree of the current reigning King of Icemyst: Quantinos II. The rules were simple: No death blows, no underhanded tricks, just pure combat until a victor was declared. Victory was declared by one party’s surrender, loss of consciousness, judge’s jurisdiction or by one falling “out of bounds”, which was considered outside of the area marked by logs. Only male human or dwarven warriors were allowed to compete; magic was a no-go and all stealth tactics employed were considered underhanded and banned.


As the combat sport evolved, finding itself in multiple other provinces within a decade or so, the first true “Arena” similar to that of which is used in today’s Arena fighting was built in the Fjordlands. The fighting pit was roughly 75 feet diameter and had four columns of wood rising around the four corners of its radial circle. Spectator stands were above the arena and layered to give everyone a good view. Out of bounds rules were promptly changed to touching the wall of the arena.


This arena style made its way into Engivik and Obsidia before a rule reform came about, allowing all races and sexes to compete. Quickly, the sport picked up in the Glades and the Wastes. Before long, even Calahr had an arena.


The sport remained stagnant until around the peace age, where conflict was at an all time low so those who missed the boiling blood of those age old days attended or joined arenas. The sudden rise in the sport caused another rule reform. Magic and stealth was no longer forbidden in official arena battles.


For an arena to be legally considered a place for Arena Fighting, it had to meet certain standards: The arena floor must be sand, sandstone or polished stone- preferably a mix of all of the above. Acceptable arena hazards are short iron spikes in clusters near the center of the stage, short iron spikes on the edge of the walls, and at least four large columns of wood or stone. Spikes must be three inches exactly to avoid lethality. Stands must be large enough to accommodate a crowd of at least 300 spectators. Trained judge and announcer must be on site during combat. Trained fight master must be at the entrance at all times. Dorms and/or locker rooms for fighters are required to house and feed at least 50 combatants. At least six trained healers must be on the premises at all active times.


Arenas in Endaria are sparse, but there is a city dedicated to Arena sports being built by Arena Enthusiast “Keith Ricards” and a few of his old fans who followed him when he was under the name “Hulking Irons” as the old champion of Brimm’s arena. There is a licensed arena in Sarnath but it’s lackluster in both design and utilities and only has twenty licensed fighters to its name.


The magic arena in Volore is not a licensed Arena fighting colosseum, but rather a magic testing zone for battlemages and the area where the Festival of the Mage tournament is held. Though there is an arena in Drakeflame Castle, it is not a licensed Arena fighting colosseum but a cultural and political battleground for the Draconian people.


A licensed arena is a likely direction for the Dawn Tribe of Akültaten due to their interest in the sport from recent interactions with the people of Sarnath.


To join an arena as a licensed fighter, one would need to set up an appointment with the manager of a licensed arena. Once a contract is set, you will be expected to remain at the Arena in one of the dorms or to be within the same city as the Arena. Though you can take leave for up to a month at a time between fights in the case of personal emergencies, law discrepancies or military enlistment, failing to remain a part of the Arena cast past three or more missed or forfeited matches will remove you from your contract at a 300 SP charge. At the discretion of the Arena Manager, exceptions can be made to this rule given ruling circumstances.


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