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We Cheatin' Boyos


Minecraft IGN: xXShadowBlade69Xx

Character name: Mary Sue

Age: 2,000 years old

Race: Immortal dragonkin vampire lord

Backstory: Their whole family was killed by bandits and they killed all the bandits and spent the rest of their life up to now studying the blade. Now they're going to kill everyone for vengeance with their two katanas and edge.

Positive Personality traits: *entire good character traits page copy pasted*

Negative Personality traits: *crickets*

Character themesong: *linkin park "crawling" nightcore remixed with an over the top anime character with long black hair covering one eye*

Accept my app pls


All satire aside, Godmodding is one of the most annoying things to deal with as a GM. It comes in many forms: in a character's general layout and story, actions taken in-character and sometimes even just the person behind the character can be a major problem[this only applies to intentional Godmodders, don't take that statement personally if you do so accidentally or without intention]. But what is Godmodding, exactly? 


Godmodding is basically playing under the assumption, mantle or idea that you are in some way better than literally everyone else in some way or another be this intentional or not. Building Mary Sue characters(basically infallible supercharacters with trope backstories to give them an excuse to be ridiculously strong or have some advantage over other players from the beginning, or just poorly written characters that come off as lazily written, not creative or indeed, infallible.) is generally a red flag though its not necessarily instant Godmodding. If a character is just a Mary Sue without doing any harm to anyone else's experience, it's whatever. It may not be an enjoyable character but you aren't going to get told off for it by the admins. Its when you start making a literal walking anime trope character with God-level abilities and the force of one thousand Deus Ex Machina's that it becomes a massive problem. To avoid this, keep characters realistic. You don't have to make them basic but realize that the only people who think its cool that you have a God-sword forged by the Avatar of War passed down to you for your unparalleled skill in combat when you were 7 years old after killing twenty demons that destroyed your home village is you.

Characters can be the most over the top extreme badass thing ever but be a boring Mary Sue that everyone hates. Keep that in mind. I tried to avoid this by setting up the character application sheet loosely based on a very well done advanced character sheet schematic from the roleplay server "Saphriel". Now you can't say I didn't give credit.  The application sheet is designed to challenge you to make a somewhat fleshed out character that you can put yourself in the shoes of by giving them real interests and piecing together every aspect of their person that may be important to roleplay. 

Outside of character creation, Godmodding can also be the overexertion of your character in a way that goes far beyond the limits of what they can do or how they can react at any given time. Things like having them catch a bullet out of the air. There are SOME characters capable of such a feat and more, but chances are you won't see them in every day roleplay. Dodging attacks you clearly are in no position to dodge, changing direction mid air without the use of magic, having endless stamina without being undead, surviving endlessly against attacks that should clearly have sent you unconscious if not killed you by now, ect. These are all things considered Godmodding.

Sometimes, as mentioned before, the player is the problem. I won't name names, but there was a player, for instance, on the previous server that Endaria was based off of, "Drakeheart Roleplay", or "DH" for short. They joined Drakeheart Roleplay I wanna say maybe 3 years or so into its uptime and played for most of the time until it went down. Their character will always be remembered for the ridiculous amount of Powergaming, Metagaming and Godmodding they did regardless of how many times they were talked down by the Admins. One of the Administrators assigned one of the Moderators the task of sitting down one on one with the guy and teaching them how to RP properly. According to said moderator it was one of the most grueling tasks of his life. This character would metagame constantly: when trying to join a guild that required him to define the word 'Justice' in their own words, they botched it and then copy and pasted the google definition of justice later as a second attempt to join the guild. They would powergame shamelessly during events and ignore warnings and refuse to redact their action until it was forcevoided by the GMs. They would have to be forced unconscious by the GMs in events in the case of them being defeated as the person would refuse under any circumstance to let their character be even scratched by anything. The man challenged a God Tier + Raid boss level opponent on his first day on the server and player-killed them with a Minecraft iron sword while they were typing for crying out loud. What I'm saying is, don't be this guy. If you're having a hard time learning Roleplay, take the time to talk with some of the staff and we can get you set up. And no, to this day, we do not know if he was serious or the most elaborate troll on the face of Planet Earth.

I don't think any practical examples for Godmodding are necessary. It's the simplest of the three to avoid. Just accept the following: Your character is never infallible and that is not a bad thing in the slightest. A good character is one that is realistic and realistic characters make mistakes, have weaknesses, have character flaws and have unique personalities. Godmodding is NOT a bannable offense unless done so intentionally in order to provoke staff action, but please, do not take that as leniency. We are serious about RP and want our community to have fun but also be able to enjoy the environment we have set up in full. Thankyou. 

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