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Powergaming... Not as annoying or destructive as Metagaming, not by a longshot, but still a massive red flag for Roleplay. Powergaming, in a nutshell, is directly and forcefully altering a series of events through the actions of your character; done in character that shows a carelessness for the proper order of things. Though I feel that simply explaining what Powergaming is paints such a vague and broad picture that only examples can actually get across what I mean. That or the Gif that I posted at the top here. Though that is just a wonky hitbox in Dark souls II, the idea is the same. The player clearly dodged, but the Pursuer treats his action as if he scored a direct hit and acts accordingly. Here's more with more.... practical examples:


Example A- Combat


I wanna say at least 90% of powergaming offenses come from outside of combat and are done in the overworld. Admittedly, most acts of Powergaming are simple slip-ups that the player apologetically corrects upon being called out for them; furthermore, people who are new to RP generally powergame out of a misunderstanding or lack of experience. Combat powergaming is rare because people generally have a better head attached to their shoulders than to think certain things are ok, but you'd be surprised. So, the scenario is this: An arena battle between two warriors is in progress: Rordan Ravenoak, a human warrior with a short sword and bow is giving his all against his opponent Roland Whitegown, a human cleric with a sanctified mace and a slew of light magic. Roland approaches Rordan and throws and overhead swing. Rordan reacts.

How does Rordan react to not only avoid Roland's attack but also avoid being accused of Powergaming?

A) Rordan sidesteps the strike and counters, putting his sword to Roland's throat to force a surrender

B) Rordan attempts to sidestep and retaliate with a maneuver to put his sword near Roland's throat

C) Rordan kicks Rolands head off 


This should be simple enough to follow. In Roleplay there is no main character. In this case, choice A takes Roland's ability to react away from his player. This would be a massive red flag as you are forcing Roland's player into an unfair ultimatum of surrendering or losing his character in a scenario where that would not make sense. To be fair, this is a bit of Powergaming and Godmoding mishmashed into one example, but we'll get to Godmoding in the Godmoding thread. The powergaming bit is that Rordan has now made Roland's choice for him and is trying to force Roland's player into a specific situation that, honestly, wouldn't actually work. Roland is still full-swing, yes, but by the time Rordan sidesteps, he's not going to have enough time to do what he said before Roland recovers and is back on his case. Even so, your actions are not to seemingly "take over" an event. You make attempts at things, you don't just do them under the assumption that you succeed without a hitch in everything. NOTE: Some Bosses are given amnesty in minor Powergaming because they are controlled by an experienced GM that knows what they're doing. Bosses are meant to challenge the players and considering how many players will likely be coming at them at once, the GM in control will need a bit of "help" actually doing what he's supposed to do. If a GM controlling a boss does something red-flaggish, other admins/mods will likely call them out. 

Choice B: Rordan's player in this case would be doing the correct thing. He attempts to sidestep, going under the assumption that Roland's vertical attack will miss if horizontal movement is taken. Rordan's player then has his character maneuver his sword upwards towards Roland's throat. This may literally seem like the exact same action as Choice A, and it is to an extent, but the main difference is in the wording. Rordan didn't just straight up dodge Roland's attack and win the duel instantly through forced surrender. He sure attempted it though. It's clear Rordan's aim is to try and force Roland's defeat through surrender with a sword to his neck, but he doesn't word it in a way that makes everyone assume he already did it and won. Roland still has a chance to react and back off to continue fighting.


Choice C: If you chose this unironically I am no longer pro-life and believe that abortion may be justified in some cases after all-and what I MEAN by that is, better luck next time sport, brush up on Roleplay 101 again and try to get a better grasp at this before making your character application. We all make mistakes. EspeciallyyourparentsMOVING ON



Example B- Overworld


Like I said before, at least 90% of Powergame is in the Overworld and that is because sometimes it's difficult to understand certain things about your setting and therefore you tend to forget small details and make actions that seem impossible until pointed out by the GM. Good news though! We don't have to worry as much about this! We're not on Tabletop, we're running this out of Minecraft. Where the story and lore have literally nothing to do with Minecraft, Minecraft IMO is the perfect RP engine because it allows you to actually immerse yourself in a setting by having it built beforehand. Of course, this means more work for people who host it(FeelsBadMan) but if I wasn't passionate about wanting to do it, I wouldn't be doing it in the first place. Anyhow, rabbit trailed there a bit, my B, back to the subject at hand. Where now, a good chunk of Overworld Powergaming can be eliminated due to solid and vibrant setting always being in plain sight, we will cover the other chunk of Overworld Powergaming. 

Here's an example. Enter Attila the thief, who is currently browsing the market of Sarnath with intent to take something that doesn't belong to him, the monster. Kids, stealing isn't cool. Neither are the drugs. Don't do either of those things. Life advice from ya boy. Anywho, Attila spots a lady with a fat coin purse at her hip. Judging from the fine linen gown, silky smooth skin and no shortage of sparkling jewelry, they're clearly nobility or close to it. He plans to snatch the coin purse as he passes by her. He doesn't have time to scan his surroundings because she's about to leave and he can't be seen following them. There are guards nearby and no shortage of eyes in all directions. He has to be quick and smooth about it or he has to give up chase. The desperate thief decides to go for it.

How does Attila rob this lady without Powergaming? 

A) Attila attempts to grab the purse as he passes by

B) Attila snatches up the coin purse carefully as he passes

C) Attila uses console commands to solve his issues by turning off AI detection. He takes the purse and walks away before re-activating it.

D) Attila grabs the coin purse as he passes and breaks into a full sprint


Under the assumption of choice A, Attila's player makes a move on the purse and attempts to take it as he passes. This is an acceptable move because he's clearly showing regard for the GM's discretion even though the person he is stealing from is an NPC. This is a correct answer.

Under the assumption of choice B and D, Attila simply takes the coin purse from the noblewoman. This, is an acceptable answer as well believe it or not. It isn't hard to grab an object. But know that the GM has the final word in these cases. Common sense > Meticulous attempts to avoid what might be perceived as Powergaming. You don't have to make an attempt to open an unlocked door or pick up your mug of ale at the inn for a swig, do you? A coin purse operates the same way. But depending on the fashion in which you take these actions, you can change your ultimate fate in the process. Choice B has a higher chance of going off without a hitch than choice D, but if there is a hitch you've lost your head start by moving slowly. Choice D on the other hand will VERY LIKELY attract attention and lead to a chase, but your instant bolt for an escape route will give you a lot of leeway in your attempt. 

If you chose C unironically, you did not choose C unironiocally. You are a liar and you are tearing your family apart.


Now get out there and try not to Powergame, my dudes. 







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