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Lesser Magic Foci- Talisman

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The Talisman- Often worn around the neck or on a belt- it has served many a purpose throughout time. One of the earliest forms of safe casting and the prototype for what would eventually become the staff: Talismans are charms which can be channeled through for minor magic casts.


Crafted with similar precision and attention to detail as jewelry, Talismans are broad and quite diverse, very few talismans sharing the exact same make. However, all Talismans share three basic things in common: A core, a trap and a band.


Cores: Cores can be made from any form of arkana source, be it a proper drakeheart shard, a black drakeheart shard, a heartstone, an arcane crystal, a corrupt crystal, a mana dust nexus or even a focal gem. These contain all the arkana the talisman will have and are the channeling point for all spellcasts involving the talisman.


Traps: Basic - Masterful arkana traps are fastened opposite the core and will constantly suck up sources of latent arkana in the environment in order to replenish the Core’s reserves. By touching the Trap itself, one can blood-let their own arkana into the core if none is available or if the caster has no ability to cast without their Talisman due to a silencing curse or something similar. Touching living creatures with the Trap also works, but they may resist.


Bands: Made from metals or stones that are proficient in containing arkana such as Pewter, Silver, Amethyst, Obsidian, Pumice, Copper, Brass, Dolerite, Basalt or Nickel: Bands appear as the catalyst for both the Core and the Trap and are carved through to run a strap, thread or chain around to a hook so that the Talisman can easily be worn or hung. This Band redirects arkana outwards and prevents any arkana from entering the core except through the Trap itself, keeping the Core pure and unaffected by things such as silencing curses or charms.


Charms are generally carved at the Band in order to give it a specific element. Dual element Talismans exist but aren’t optimal: due to the small size of the enchantment, splitting the power into two elements can hinder the potency of the magic as the caster’s quintessence does not come into play while using Talismans: much like scroll-casts. However, the Talisman’s spell can be molded like a normal spellcast and the Talisman, unlike the Scroll is not consumed in the process of its spellcast. The Core can be depleted, but it will refill on its own or with the aid of the Talisman’s own arkana by using the Trap.


A Talisman can be used to generate casts of any elemental archetype, but cannot access things such as Planarmancy, Necromancy, Hemomancy, Cacomancy, ect- that go outside the physical binds of the natural born elements foreign to the band’s earth-like structure. It can be used to channel Pyromancy, Aquiomancy, Cryomancy, Aeromancy, Basic Arcane, Umbramancy, Luxomancy and Geomancy.


Talismans, even those of high rank using Drakeheart crystal Heartstones(The highest possible powered Talisman) are considered weak in comparison to other magic foci and are often not focused on. However, they are light, easily concealable and create no fatigue on use, allowing consistent casts with no lessened potency over time.



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