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Metagaming, ahhh metagaming, one of the most frustrating things to deal with in roleplay. A foolish, ameteur mistake or a sneaky red-flag by a cheap player: regardless of circumstance, Metagame is a high offense to Roleplay. So what is it?


Metagaming is taking action in a Roleplaying scenario based on information you gain outside of Roleplay.


...Pretty simple right? No? You want examples? UGHH fine.


So let’s say a new player joins the server. They make their character application and while you’re browsing you say, “Eh, don’t have anything better to do. Why not check up on the newbie.” So you go through their app and figure out that they’re a villain with the intent of destroying Drakeheart.


Oh no! But wait, your character is a Legendary Hero!


As you begin to roleplay, you spot this character walking about town minding their own business. That sick bastard… Ha, can’t fool you! You know what he’s REEEALLY doing.


So, what are you going to do about it?


A) Confront a guard and tell them that there’s an evildoer.

B) Greet them normally.

C) Draw your sword and murder their head off.

D) All of the above in A-C order.


The correct answer is: B. But you knew that already, didn’t you? Well, if you didn’t and you’re confused, your parents don’t love you- and by that I mean, I will now explain it to you.


You dumbo, your character didn’t read their app, you did. As far as your character knows, this guy is just your average Joe or Joette… Johanna… J.. Whatever the female variant of Joe is.  


Whatever knowledge you gain out of character cannot be used in-character, unless of course, your character learns of it later. There are libraries in most major towns: go check out books and devote some time to learning. Pro tip: We include lots of in-game obtainable knowledge that can be discovered through exploration or reading. I’ve dotted the map with easter eggs and tidbits of <3 L O R E <3. There are lots of things such as entire archetypes of magic, special enchantments, weapons, armor, lexicons, unique dungeons and even entire dormant questlines that can be achieved through exploration alone.

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