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Roleplay 101

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Roleplay 101


If you are reading this, it is likely that you came here in order to learn the basics of roleplay, or perhaps even what roleplay is in the first place. If you came to this Minecraft server looking for an average survival or PvP server mistakenly, I suggest you leave. Or, perhaps, if you’re willing to try something a bit different, finish reading and see what this whole shabang is about.


Perhaps you’re reading this and already know a lot about roleplay and you simply want to see if we truly do before joining our server. Or perhaps you’re just brushing up, or even looking for a new perspective. No matter which way you slice it, welcome to Roleplay 101!


So what is Roleplay?

The dictionary definition is such:


“To act out or perform the part of a person or character, for example as a technique in training or psychotherapy.”


But, it is not as simple as the above. Roleplaying is a passionate act [no, not that kind of passion, get your damn head out of the gutter for two seconds would you?] wherein, you, the player have a pre-generated or self-created character that you have written and fleshed out to fit into a fantasy or make-believe world: that you intend to act as or ‘play’ as. To Roleplay, you are speaking through your character: giving them life, personality, soul and heart. When Roleplaying, you are in a world aside from your own in a body that is not your own with a mindset that is not your own. Think of it as acting as a character in a movie or series, only, there is no script: only a setting wherein your choices and dialogue can affect the flow of the story. A story with an open end and very little truly set in stone aside from the fundamentals.


So, what are the fundamentals?


Lore and Setting. Only two, you might ask? Yes. Only two. The lore is the history and functionality of the world your character has been placed in, ranging from how things work differently from the real world as well as the history and sciences of this world that can be manipulated by your character should they know how. The setting is the place or world itself. Is it futuristic with spaceships, aliens and laser rifles? Perhaps it is jurassic, where dinosaurs still walk the earth and each corner is rife with animalistic dangers. Perhaps it is medieval with stone castles and old stone-paved cities with guards in armor with halberds and spears. Your character will need to fit whatever setting you’re in and will need to be compatible with the lore behind said setting. Other than these two fundamentals, the freedoms of Roleplay are infinite.


So, you know what roleplay is. But how do you do it?



[Hamlet speaking to Yorick’s skull- Shakespeare's “Hamlet”]


When roleplaying, you are acting as your character: so should you build a character that is perhaps, say, evil, but you yourself are morally strong, you may find it difficult to truly become evil while in-character, but this is roleplay. This is acting. Think about how actors feel when they play a villainous character, for instance.


Once you have your character, you will use the chat system in Minecraft to type out what your character says to make them speak. Should you wish to put in an action, use the /me command. For instance, should you wish to greet someone, you simply open the chat bar and type.




No quotation marks needed. Should you wish to state that perhaps, you give a respectful bow after your greeting:


/me bows respectfully.


It’s truly as simple as that, though you may want to detail yourself better. For instance:


Greetings, traveler.


/me loosens their posture, stepping back slightly as they bow respectfully, flourishing their left hand in tandem with their descent and closing their eyes for a moment, before returning to a straight posture.


May I presume to ask your name?



You can usually figure out the rest from here, but one, certainly complex at times occurrence that happens in many roleplay servers, this one included, is combat. For a detailed guide on combat RP, seek out Combat 101.


As for wanting to speak normally to other members of the server while not roleplaying, there will be a general chat for that: but just for locally chatting, put whatever you want to say (in parenthesis like this.)


Building your character


You may have built your character one way but in truth, much like a normal human being in the real world, experiences can change them. They may experience things that turn their entire personality on its head or have scenarios introduced to them that force them to push the very bounds of their limits. This can reflect on you, the player, just as much as it can your character. Tears your character sheds could very well turn into your tears. Pain your character feels can be experienced too. Anger, happiness, joy, triumph, defeat: all of these things can be shared between yourself and your character. This does not make you a dork or a loser as SOME people tend to assume, this simply means you’ve really gotten in-character which is a good thing.


You very well may end up loving your character on a personal level as I have one of my most successful characters, Feloreth. Or perhaps like James289 with RM or Keji_Ishikura with….. Well, Keji Ishikura. [Literally named his account after them. That should speak volumes about what roleplay can lead to once you get ‘that’ character].


When you have a fully fleshed out character for 6 months or more, you’ve put a bit of your soul into that character and it can very well become a very personally important thing to you. Don’t underestimate the bonds you can create or the kind of character evolutions you can experience while roleplaying.

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