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Special Rules [Town Guard]

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Guard Rules


So you became a member of the guard in-character. Here are just a couple of things to keep in mind.


1- Do NOT let the rank get to your head. You are NOT staff unless you are a knight, duke/duchess or magnus. You can arrest and order around people in-character but you do not hold authority OOC.


2- If you abuse your power over characters in RP it is all too possible to lose your job. You will also be militarized as a footsoldier in any form of wars, meaning your character has a chance to die in battle as an infantry unit. By becoming a guard, you’re consenting to this possibility.


3- If your OOC friend breaks the law IC and wants you to help them escape or anything of that manner, you “can” if it would make sense in character, but you can lose your job. If it does NOT make sense in character, it will be treated as a metagaming offense. So on so forth with situations such as the above.

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