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Special Rules [ERP/Erotic Roleplay]

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ERP Rules


So you got into a situation in RP that turned a bit erotic. Maybe your character fell for another character, or they fell for you and you ended up getting into a situation where now you’re in a relationship in-character. A lot of servers are incredibly strict on ERP, making it taboo, but a taboo on something natural to RP is a bit of an immersion-killer. This is a mature RP server. Your character doing the dirty with another character is a real possibility given the circumstances you’re presented with. However, though we believe it should be alright to do, we also wish to make this CLEAR. Not everyone will be ok with it. Not everyone will think of it as something natural to RP. You need to respect that. Here are a few rules you’ll need to follow should your character end up in a “situation”.


1- If you are ERPing with another player character, you must both give consent.


2- Rape in RP is a real thing and is treated as a serious in-character offense. If you do this to another player character, you will need their consent. If it is not given, but there is no way for them to escape it in RP, it will simply be stated that it “happens” and that will be the end of it.


3- If you sexually harass anyone OOC, it is unacceptable. Not everyone is going to want to ERP. No means no. If you harass anyone into trying to make them ERP with you, you WILL face punishment. Definitely a ban.


4- If you get into a consented ERP with another player character OR into an erotic situation with an NPC controlled by one of the quest masters or magni, you are required to go into whisper chat OR to do so in private messages so that the rest of the server or those nearby are not forced to see what you are doing.


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