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Special Rules [Quest Team]

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Quest Team Rules


So you want to be a member of the Quest Team. You’ll need to have at least three months on the server beforehand and you’ll need to make the application under Staff applications. You can read these rules beforehand but it isn’t required. It WILL be required for you to understand these before we officially let you parade around on the quest team, however.


  • 1- You cannot make quests specifically to reward your character or a friend’s character with amazing loot. It will be voided immediately, and your rank will be revoked permanently.


  • 2- You cannot directly alter main questlines already preset by others. You can request ideas or talk them into changing something if you think it would be better, but editing a questline page to add something without anyone knowing will lose you your rank.


  • 3- You are under EXCEPTIONAL watch for Metagame if you participate in your own quests, or quests you’ve worked on. If you metagame intentionally(we’ll know.) your rank will be revoked, no ifs or buts.

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