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Special Rules [Guildmaster]

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Guildmaster Rules


So you want to run a guild. Well, here’s a few things you need to know and a few rules you need to abide by.


  • 1- Owning a guild does NOT instantly make your character or guild an important, well-known piece in the political game. You need to start small and work your way up. Guilds rise and fall in utter silence: only the strong emerge and become well-known.


  • 2- You may recruit on the forums with a page and you may recruit characters in-character. You may place signs up on public places or make deals with town owners to build recruitment centers to attract new members. You may NOT, however, continuously bug people OOC in OOC chat to join your guild. It is annoying and will NOT get you new members.


  • 3- If you create a guild that intends to do evil and is open with their intentions, you are NOT void from being hunted down or having your guild be put on wanted posters.  


  • 4- If you, as guildmaster, become a criminal, your guild will also be held responsible.


  • 5- If you, as guildmaster, have a guildie that becomes a criminal, you will be held responsible for reparation fees if they destroy property or commit acts of murder or thievery.


  • 6- If you are banned from the server, your character will be removed as guildmaster and be replaced with the second in command of your guild. If you are pardoned, you will be able to reclaim guildmaster.

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