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Server General Rules

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  • 1. Griefing


Any form of destruction caused outside of instances of roleplay is prohibited.  While we understand that some damage would occur to properties ingame during fights, and do encourage remaining true to form, keep any damage within reason (for an example of acceptable damages, check powergaming)


punishments for breaking this rule in roleplay will vary depending on the damage caused, as well as the situation, at the attending staffs discretion, while OOC damage to pre built structures will not be tolerated.


  • 2. Harassment

Any form of harassment, be it through builds or chat, is prohibited, and will be punished accordingly.  Keep things civil, and should you find yourself the target of such, notify a staff member. Punishments will be dealt by the attending staff member. -Note. Harassment does not mean you are not allowed to make jokes or have fun. Playful teasing and full blown verbal harassment are two very different things.


  • 3. Roleplay/OOC

While we understand that OOC chat can be necessary, please refrain from overusing it in large scale events, if at all possible.  Say what needs to be said, then return to the event at hand. -Note. Not a bannable offense unless you are asked to stop and continue past all warnings. We take roleplay very seriously and if you don’t want to give our hard work the respect it commands at the end of the day, you are not going to be welcome on the server.


  • 4. Powergaming

While fighting may become necessary throughout the course of a campaign, keep in mind your characters capabilities, and remain true to them.  For information on Powergaming, check Powergaming 101 in Roleplay 101.


  • 5. Metagaming

Remember that no one person knows everything.  if you have knowledge of a dungeon in roleplay, be it due to experience, or possessing a map, then feel free to utilize such knowledge....  but refrain from utilizing knowledge your character would have no reason knowing, such as a map posted on the forums. For information on Metagaming, check Metagaming 101 in Roleplay 101.


  • 6. Godmoding

Your character isn’t God. You are not the main character of this story. This is not an anime. You WILL take damage, lose fights, perhaps even die. This doesn’t make you a bad RPer, but an experienced one. Godmoding is the act of playing out of term in order to bypass your characters limits in a way that breaks the experience for those around you; just out of the want to keep your character alive or make them “look cool”. It isn’t cool. Its lame and you should feel bad. For information on Godmoding, check Godmoding 101 in Roleplay 101.


  • 7. Deaths

Death is an integral part of life, however, we do wish for all players to have a chance to decide their characters fates.  Outside of quest events or minor spars: player-character deaths will require the player who own's the character's consent under most circumstances. Circumstances dictate 90% of roleplay and you need to understand that Death may very well be in your character's future should you misplay a situation or should you simply be oh so unfortunate.  Regardless of this, if you put your characters life at risk foolishly, be prepared for consequences, as you never know if the reaper might be just around the corner…


-Rules worded by Keji_Ishikura. Breaking of any of the above rules  WILL result in punishment, the severity of which scaling with the specific rule in question and circumstance.

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