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Humans, simple yet so complex. The most common of races among Drakeheart are the modest, brave and tempered souls known simply as Humanity. Humans may not have the special hearing of elves, the super strength of trolls or the aptitude of Dwarves, but they have thrived and prospered all the same. This is due to something humanity has that some other's lack: the courage and drive to compete against those with natural advantages. Humans are capable of all things, but are naturally proficient in none. This has turned out to be more of an advantage for them than a disadvantage as once believed. Humans have produced some of the most legendary heroes throughout all of history. From the nigh unstoppable warrior Lanre Ravenholm, to the living shadow of perfect stealth Demitri Bane, to the astronomically powerful sorcerer Feloreth Dusk: Humans have proven time and time again that limits mean nothing before the drive to improve and the strength of one's soul. 



Humans have a very simple biology comprising of a few major organs that keep them alive. They have nothing overly special and they have a moderately average height of a modest 5'0-6'0. Humans are quite fragile, able to be broken quite easily. They also have very little natural resistance against magic. 



Humans have been the main participants in almost all of the wars throughout history. Operating best in hostile or violent situations, Humans display unity and wisdom during conquest, making them dangerous while settling in new lands. Humans are very defensive and quick to retaliate against anything they perceive as a threat- as one weakness all humans seem to share is a fear of the unknown. This, coupled with arrogance that grows like weeds in the hearts of human rulers scorched the lands of Drakeheart with the flame of battle and slaked the parched soil with the blood of all that stood in their warpath. There is much prejudice towards humanity- some may argue that it is well deserved.




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Tarakins are most discernible by protruding forehead veins coming from near or around their eyes or eyebrows. Aside from dyes, they only have hair colors and eye colors ranging in blacks, grays and whites. Something about their mutation has almost crippled their quintessence, making them incredibly inept with magic and giving them a terrible weakness to magical sources. However, their resolve and passions run deeper than most other races can ever comprehend and their bodies are unnaturally tough for a human-like race. They have a somewhat lessened moral compass and a need to be in control of their destiny, making them somewhat difficult to militarize aside from being hired swordarms. 


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Nordic Humans, or simply "Nords" are rugged, frost-born natives of Icemyst Pass. Born to brave the cold, Nords boast immense resistance to and aptitude with Cryomancy, as well as being able to harbor immense natural strength. Some of the most noble human warrior families hail from Icemyst's Nords such as House Snoweagle and the Quantinos monarchy lineage. However, they have shortcomings when it comes to technology. Out of all humans, they are the most primitive, only recently capable of ships that could be self-sufficient on energy without requiring constant manpower.


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The Highborn are a rare and nigh extinct race of male Humans, bearing pure golden or amethyst colored eyes and a flawless complexion. Considered to be the sons of the Avatars, the Highborn are venerated and hailed for their direct connection with the crystal of creation. Able to cast magic without the need of a focus or crystal, the Highborn are the most powerful self-sufficient magi within all of Humanity- even capable of making a proud elf kneel in admiration. [Requires special application]

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