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Elves are a noble, mystical race from the western vales of the Drakelands. They often have a regal, refined and proud look about them that may come off as smug to other mortal races. A very pious people, the Elves hold the legendary Highborn in high regard and venerate them in ceremonies sometimes lasting days throughout their beautiful cities. Coming in many different forms, Elves are a very diverse race.


Elves are very proud and somewhat vain, focusing a lot of their attention on fine apparel and beauty. Their clothes are lavish and made of expensive material. Men often wear royal blue, lavish silken robes or surcoats over fine burlap clothing with expensive reptilian-hide make shoes and bejeweled circlets. Women often wear arrays of colorful dresses with high-heeled, adorned sandals and cover themselves in jewelry. Of course, not all types of elves dress so nobly. Many of the sub-races of elves care little for fashion, though the most well-populated Elves live in lavish aristocracies, using other races mostly as servants- leaving many races prejudice against Elves in the outer provinces. 


Regardless of the lavish aristocracies and overly noble society, Elves are anything but weak. Their militaristic might is nigh unparalleled due to their overwhelming  numbers, magic aptitude and mystically imbued weapons and armor; Elves are quite often hailed as one of the great superpowers of the world



Elves have pointed ears that give them superior hearing to other mortal races who do not. They tend to be quite tall, usually 6'5 - 7'5 and have very angular faces with high, deep-set cheekbones and slightly slanted eyes. Other than these simple features, their basic biology is no different from a human's.


Diversity of the  Sub-Races


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Dark Elves

Dark elves have ashen skin ranging from grays and dark blues with red or lavender eyes and black or white hair. Other than these changes, they seem to be quite similar to the common elf. However, they are quite adept naturally to Pyromancy and Necromancy above other forms of magic and cast more powerful hexes, jinxes and curses. They also tend to have higher arches on their feet, making them quite light-footed when sneaking about. Due to their natural dark skin color, many use it as a form of camouflage in the darkness allowing them to sneak around much easier.


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High Elf

High elves have lighter, yellowish tinges in their skin and often have dark brown, brown mustard or olive green eyes and lighter hair colors such as blonde, light brown or cloudy gray. High elves also generally stand slightly taller than common elves and tend to be agile or dexterous. 


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Wood Elf

Woof elves tend to have slightly tanner or darker skin tones and naturally messy hair. They aren't too different from the common elf, but they have a slightly stronger connection to an older race of elves that is mostly extinct in today's world. They have a strong connection to nature and the spirit elementals that druids commune with. 


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Sky Elf

A rare mutation of female only elves, Sky elves tend to have pinker skin tones and silver, black or teal hair and many different eye colors such as pink, yellow, green, teal or orange. The most magically adept race on Drakeheart since the Highborn, Sky elves are considered the elves' own breed of Highborn due to their scarcity. Learns all archetypal magics at much faster rates and doesn't need a focus or crystal to cast but is quite inept when wielding conventional weaponry. Due to their nobility and beauty, as well as their possible connection to the Highborn, they are venerated and worshiped by the more religious elves as daughters of the Avatars. [Requires special application]



Cherry Elves

Believed to be extinct, the Cherry Elves were and possibly are discernible by their pink hair and amber eyes. They were once a proud race of all druids that were scoffed at by the common elf and exiled for their heresy in worshiping nature over the Highborn. Those born with amber eyes are direct descendants of Cherry Elves and carry their affinity for the spiritual forces of the elementals. It is believed that the fabled Chikaramancy was a creation of the Cherry Elves, or that perhaps it was by their hand that it was discovered and passed down to what was once kept on it in the town of Kyoshi.


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