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Dwarves were the first mortal race to come to be. As life was breathed into the world, they popped out of the ground and started to thrive. A few mortal races appeared alongside them in the early stages of life but the first one to take a breath of Drakeheart's air was a dwarf. Dwarves are stout, plump and mighty and have a knack for building. Despite their shrimpy stature, they have the most colossal builds with forges through entire mountains and towers that could intimidate a dragon. 


The first 100 Dwarves, known as "The Hundredfold", established the ideal of a Dwarven avatar that became the first of many mortal idols aside from the main pantheon. Vastly populating the Fjordlands and Obsidia, Dwarves set the precedent for master smithworks in the land and were the first to innovate and develop steam-functioning machinery that could operate on its own without a controller or supervision. Due to this, Dwarves are respected as the most creative and innovative race, as well as the most hard-working. Though mostly keeping to themselves in their Cavern-forges, mines and fortresses, Dwarves have been known to live alongside Men and Elves; though, many Dwarves have prejudices against Elves and all beings with Elven features such as pointed ears. 



Dwarves are noticeably shorter than most other mortal races, generally standing at 3'5 - 4'5. They generally have faster heart rates and high metabolism than other races, as well as higher stamina and quick muscular regeneration, meaning they can grow muscle quickly. They grow hair at much faster rates than other races as well, able to have a fully grown beard by 18 years of age. Their biological shortcomings, however, come with how quickly they deteriorate when they age. Dwarves have shorter lifespans than humans, usually living to around 60 before dying of old age. 


Lords of the Forge

Dwarves are excellent blacksmiths and are able to work together to craft constructs of great might. Dwarves are directly linked to the Earth itself and are therefore able to create constructs out of stone known as Draug: living stone golems bound to the purpose their creator gave them. To complete these masterwork golems, Dwarves can impart a great deal of their life energy into a crystalline mass of quartz or any other crystal to create a Draugen Core, capable of granting life to stone. Draugen cores can be used to give life to a stone golem by placing them inside of one, or can be placed into a key to temporarily impart a soul onto any form of stone construct under the will of the creator. Creating a Draugen core shaves 10 years off of a Dwarf's life, however, so it is not performed lightly.

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