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Non-Archetypal Magic

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Arcane- ar-Cane | Adjective/Noun-:

2. Raw, tangible arkana under manipulation.(Noun)

E2. “The power of Arcane spellcasts depends on the raw power of the caster and the raw power of the caster alone.” -”Sorcery for Plebeians” -Excerpt from the Dictionary Arkana

Often appearing as a mass of spectral, icy blue mist: Arcane energy is pure arkana- or raw magic drawn forth without an element or incantation. It can be conformed to small bolts, large orbs or focused power-beams: really any stretch of the imagination when one imagines a power. Arcane energy is a reflection of the caster’s power- and thus its potency depends on the caster's quintessence. It can be cast without a focusing staff, lexicon or wand by novices and is often the best type of magic to practice with. To the touch, it seems somewhat electrical with a faint coldness to it, reinforced by what feels like an invisible physical force. It is quite tangible, though for how bright it is in color it does not produce much light- comparable to candlelight.

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Hexes are abnormal magic anomalies created in ill will by an incantation. These are performed most often with a magic channel in attack or defense of the caster. This is a form of dark magic that is more “acceptable”, but can cause one’s reputation to be slandered- as the use of dark magic for personal gain is; no matter what way you look at it, selfish and vile. Hexes often channel dark energy in the form of corrupt arkana and appear as tangible masses of grey, shadowy smoke. The power of Hexes vary between casters, but regardless of status of experience, Hexes will always be more potent than what the caster would normally be capable of. The casting of hexes takes its toll over time, however, as it is an accursed magic that plays off of the ill will of your own heart. It is highly corrosive to your moral compass and can lead to an uncontrollable corruption if misused.


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Jinxes are playful mind-tricking charms performed on a specific person. Luck jinxes can cause the victim’s surroundings to almost ‘target’ them- whether the jinx be for good or bad luck. A love jinx causes the victim to become irresistibly infatuated or lustful towards the caster or another being- causing them to lose their sense of reason and only care about whoever or whatever the caster wishes. A hunger jinx can cause the victim to constantly feel like they’re starving to death, etc. To cast a jinx, one must have a treasured belonging of their victim, as well as something of any other being who is a part of the jinx. These, much like hexes, are incantations- though they have more ritual values due to the need for earthly possessions. Unlike hexes, however, they are completely illegal.


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Curses are demonic incantations that cause ill will to turn into instant action if the curse works. To perform a curse, one must have a tainted arcane crystal and a ritual site. A straw effigy representing the victim(s) must be burned in the center of a summoning rune or inverted pentacle- points on the star being marked by a candle using black wax. Curses are punishable in the same way Necromancy is- execution void of trial.

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