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Orcs are a warrior people of the forest and mostly native to Endaria. They're commonly seen dressed in very loose or revealing clothing or armor and covered from head to toe in body paint or tattoos. This is due to their tribal nature often keeping them constrained to a very primitive grasp on cultures outside of their own that may use extravagant body coverings to show a sense of nobility; instead, for Orcs, one's status would be known simply by their job for their village. 


Unlike other civilizations, Shamancraft is considered normal among Orcs and is encouraged to be practiced in full-blown dedication. Each village has its own group of shamans: however, oddly enough, the main Orcish village only has one. 


Regardless of their warrior spirit or looks, however, an Orc is only at its fiercest when protecting a loved one standing behind them. Orcs are more peaceful and proper than most other races, having almost no real infighting, not counting sparring and training with one another to better protect their village.



Orcs have skin tones ranging to nearly all shades of green, some even bordering on dark blueish green. This coloration gives them natural camouflage in the forests that they call home. They have pointed elven ears, giving them superior hearing to other mortal races that do not. But, even though they're green and have pointed ears, the most recognizable calling card of the Orc race is their large, lower jaw and two elongated lower canines that protrude from their mouths.


Due to the way their teeth are shaped, Orcs are primarily meat-eaters: though, they do have primitive ovens they use to bake bread, as well as special tools for mincing up vegetation to season meats with. Fruits are also a common sight on an Orcish feasting table, but not usually fruits with excess roughage like apples or pears, rather, soft and mushy fruits such as durians, bananas and peaches.


Orcs are also avid drinkers with countless brew-masters throughout their villages all trying  to get their hands on the freshest and best ingredients to make booze with. Orcish light beers are so stout that a dwarf could choke on it and Orcish wines could pass for straight liquor to most humans. Other mortal races can't seem to even comprehend the brewing techniques of the Orcs, nor can they seem to handle the intensity of their drinks, so they simply pass it off as being a disgusting slop they refer to as "Orcish Grog".



Orcs tend to live in small to medium-large villages  that dot Endaria's landscape: however, they do have a "capital" village that, regardless of tribe, is seen as and respected as the most successful village. It is known as Akȕltaten and located in the center of Endaria's greatest forest. They have actual enclosed huts and somewhat advanced technology for their kind, including constructed machines that perform tasks on a large scale while being operated by many tribe members such as the Mulcher: a large, wooden urn with rotating blades that three orcs operate by pushing rods connected to them on the outside: running quickly around the urn in a circle while blending and mulching any ingredients thrown into the urn from above. They are also the only tribe with an operational wall around their village.


Each Orc works together in their village with each having their own job. In some villages, there are fishermen, but not all. Those that do, do so with spear-fishing. Villages that are not near a large body of water or river tend to simply have "Gatherers" that run out and forage the nearby wilderness for edible plants and fruits, as well as any other goodies they might run into outside. Gatherers are responsible for finding the most arcane crystals in Orc villages, though the number is still extremely low. Hunters are responsible for killing and preparing big game for the Village to feast upon and are kept in high regard. There are metalworkers that can do limited blacksmith work with their primitive forges: but these Orcs are considered essential for a functioning Village. Then, there are healers, alchemists and brew-masters which all work to help others get through their daily lives be it with healing wounds, medicinal potions or a firm drink. Village Guards are considered mighty warriors capable of defending those behind them from all sorts of nasty threats from the dense forests. Shamans are admired as a High Priest would be in a human town, often being looked to for spiritual guidance or for blessings. Then lastly, there is the Village Chieftain: the mightiest and wisest warrior of the tribe whom is charged with overseeing the entire Village's well-being.



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