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On the website

Spamming is strictly prohibited.
This includes overly using memes. The idea is to type as you talk in real life.

Do not post anything hateful, discriminating, racist or sexist.
This includes offensive memes, fetishes and furry shit. Nobody cares about your fandom.

Do not conspire against the website, server or it's members.

Before posting, please ask yourself the following questions
"Does my post give anything to the thread I am posting in?" "Is it funny or informal in any way?" If yes, go ahead and post.

Do not make posts with low content
AKA smilies, "haha," "first," or likewise. This will litter the forum and will be deleted as soon as possible.

On the server

#1 Do not break character.
Unless you are new, or talking in out-of-character chat (like this). You cannot use knowledge gained through OOC in character.
This is called meta-gaming (MG).

#2 Everyone is allowed to roleplay.
This is the core principle of Endaria. If you are denying someone the ability to roleplay in any way, there will be consequences. No kind of erotic roleplay is allowed. Go somewhere else if that's what you want.

#3 Do not destroy anything that is not yours.
Only abandoned, ruined or special Quest-event buildings can be legally griefed.

#4 Listen to the Administrators, Moderators and Storytellers during Quests.
If they say you are not allowed to do something, then you are not allowed to, end of story.

#5 Characters are not allowed special powers or abilities that raise them above others.
This is only acceptable if an admin condones it. Characters are also not allowed to  be under the age of 14.
For example; flying, immortality, etc. This is to keep characters balanced. During special Quest-events there may be bosses that possess these abilities.

#6 Power-gaming (PG) is strictly prohibited.
PG means that people you are role-playing with have no chance to react to your actions. For example, saying that you land a punch on someone without waiting for a reaction first.


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