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    •   It burned like wildfire within his blood. Every step was another closer to eternal damnation. If only those hopeful for death and those already devoid of humanity wander this ruined wasteland, then Issac Stone was exactly where he belonged.
      The moon was all that lit the ashen landscape, gleaming off of the silver edge resting quietly beside the old Ranger. A rusted, dented iron hand reached across the ash-filled dirt he lay upon and grasped the blade, covering the moon’s glare from piercing his eyes; the chocolate brown eyes that once held a place in people’s hearts. The eyes that stood between them and certain destruction, defending them with deadly efficiency. The eyes that now appeared devoid of emotion.
      Slowly lifting himself, Issac sat up, the dirty poncho he called his bed rustling quietly as he looked up at the moon. It was the only thing around him that hadn’t changed in the past decade. No matter how much emerald flame burns away everything he had known, the moon would still be in the sky , watching over the ruins like a guardian angel.
      ‘Are you the one we failed?’ he wondered, closing his eyes again and laying back down, not daring to look over the horizon again. If he wouldn’t see a lumbering , disfigured beast, it would just be the same old burned buildings, rotten wheat fields, and hills of ashes that once were forests. Given how many there had been, Issac figured he was still in what used to be the Whispering Glades.
      ‘Her forests used to be so green.’
      He opened an eye to see the faint apparition of Mariko Numatera sitting before him in the dirt. Her voice resonated through his mind like a lullaby calming him, even though he wouldn’t admit it. ‘Go to sleep, Issac. The world won’t change anymore. What you did with that woman…it was for the best.’
      That woman. Issac suddenly had a vision of long, crimson locks digging into his bare skin, screams, and a sensation he’d not felt in years. It all seemed like a dream. Especially when the feeling of pleasure had morphed into what felt like magma seeping through his pores, and a flaming leash being wrapped around his soul.
      He took a deep breath, shaking as he closed his eyes, hearing the woman’s voice in his mind.
      ‘You belong to me now, Stone. Now, and forever.’
    • Bright eyes of emerald shone from across the long table as Arthur Willet let the Orc's words sink in, taking a deep breath and nodding his head as the man's voice faded.   "Call me interested. Now, tell me what it is you would like The Order to do for your cause? I...may be able to spare aid, if you require it. Be it military might or a powerful mind."