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    • So based on the title, you guys are probably wondering what I mean by a simple thank you but theres a little more to it than just that so I did lie a little there. However first off, I do wish to thank our entire staff team for what they have done for this server and working with dummies like Devon and I. I appreciate all the hard work you guys have been doing in your off time to help support this server, and you have no idea how much this means to me which actually does bring me to my second point. I am sure you share the same convictions about this server as I do that we are bringing back something we all so cherished when we were younger and while it will never be truly the same without the people we originally had from our days in Drakeheart Roleplay, there is something that not many of you may know. Drakeheart Roleplay was built because of a similar conviction that Eric, Marie, and Grozzik had about Obsidia Roleplay all of those years ago and made a server to which we all cherish to this day from past its own demise. Endaria is following in Drakeheart's footsteps to creation and I would love to be able to bring about the same cherished moments to the young players of Endaria similar to how Drakeheart did to its young players. I was one of the those young players and Drakeheart was my first roleplaying server ever and while Drakeheart may not been your first roleplaying server, the people who had stayed still do cherish the memories they have gained from interacting with its community and I know we can bring about the same feeling. We may not be any of the staff members that made Drakeheart so memorable but I think with some time after server launch, we may be creating cherished memories for years to come.


      Thank you


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      A notice is sent around to all citizens of Sarnath, posted around the city, and placed upon the public bulletin board.


      "People of Sarnath,

      A few nights ago, the Keep was attacked by lawless criminals. This has not gone unnoticed by the administrators of the Order of the Prophets. It has become clear to us that our divine authority is not being taken seriously enough. The evidence, though clearly written in our dark history, has been denied by a small band of brigands who refuse to accept it.


      There is no cause for alarm. Some changes will, however, have to be made in order for us, your Holy Order of the Prophets, to ensure your safety in this dangerous world. From here until further stated, I, Arthur Willet, declare:


      -Curfew will be extended. Citizens are authorized to be in their homes by 20:00, approximately dusk. The business day will begin once again at sunrise the next morning. Our Knights will patrol the streets at all times of the day and keep a watchful eye out for danger.

      -Sarnath Guards will work extra hours to assist our loyal Knights in securing our city's peace.

      -There will be a limit placed upon weapons that are allowed to be carried through the city if you are not a Knight, Guard, or trusted member of the Scout Corps. All citizens are authorized to openly carry a small, six-inch dagger, and nothing more. Anything larger will result in confiscation and, if further pushed, time in the dungeoun.


      Furthermore, the bounties for any of the names and faces placed on the bounty board is to be increased by 5k each. ANY law broken in Sarnath is to be more severely punished from here. We urge any unemployed to seek out Arthur Willet if they wish to assist in the apprehension of these criminals.


      If anyone has information on any of them, please inform any authority figure in the city.


      Thank you. Together, we can ensure that security is kept within these walls. May the Prophets guide you all.



    • The server went back online at approximately 12:25 AM EST. The downtime took a tad longer than estimated due to the size of the database. Please note, there is a new address for connecting to the server.



    • Tfw we actually had a big event this evening


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